The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, January 20, 2007
12:30 to 14:00
(and at 2 p.m., The Scarlet Pumpernickel with PatO

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Johnette Downing I went to the Aquarium Fins and Grins s/r Eddap went on a class trip to the aquarium yesterday. It freaked him out!
The Bingo Kids Octopus's Garden Beatles Hits for Kids s/r
Kenny Young and the Eggplants Chapel Under the Sea The Search for Eggplantis Coney Island Records
Ernie & Neal Clam Rock & Roll Band s/r
The Sippy Cups Hair Professor & the Jellyfish/The Jellyfish Electric Storyland s/r
Not Exactly Lobsters We're Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters s/r
Geof Johnson Swimming at the Bottom of the Sea The Sea, Beach and Summer Stuff s/r
Ralph's World At the Bottom of the Sea Welcome to ... Disney
Owen Duggan At the Codfish Ball An Elephant Never Forgets Old REcords
Paddytales The Confounding, Confusing, Utterly Unheard Romance of the Dish and the Spoon Patrick O'Shea read on air
Danny Adlerman and Friends Hey Diddle Diddle One Size Fits All s/r
David Rudolf Classical Poetry - Hey Diddle Stupendously Silly Skits, Songs and Stories s/r
The Purple Critter The Cat and the Fiddle CD-r s/r
Barney Saltzberg The Ladybug and the Centipede Where, Oh, Where's My Underwear? and other songs s/r
Eric Ode A Camel Met a Turtle I Love My Shoes s/r
Harry Nilsson Garbage Can Ballet Skidoo soundtrack Camden Deluxe
Flanders and Swann Misalliance At the Drop of a Hat unknown
The Mrs. Ackroyd Band Steven and Stella Oranges and Lemmings s/r
The Swing Set Hey Diddle, diddle Jazz-a-Bye s/r