with Tim

"screw you rocky you creepo"

Sunday, December 31, 2006
15:00 to 17:00
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red sparoweswe will not be driven by fearevery red heart shines toward the sumfanatic*
barzinlets go drivingmy life in roomsfanatic*
jennifer oconnerthe thought of youthe color and lightred panda
conrad fordgolden heartsdont miss yourselftarnished*
beechwood sparksthe good night whistleonce we were treessub pop
beach housemaster of nonebeach housecarpark*
space needleone kind of lullabyspace needle recordings 1994-1997eemie meenie*
scott rocks3 alienson the movescrap iron records
rembegin the beginand i feel finecapitoleventually everyone gets old and sold*
the stoogesgimmmie dangerraw powercolumbiaR
the hold steadystuck between stallionsboys and girls in americavagrant*
joe lallylidias songjoe lallythere to here*
beretta 76hostile cityblack*
deuce coupesdouble a fuelerhell bound hot rodsdel fiC
the bedwellskaratelost treasuresdel fiC
the knickerbockersliesnuggetsrhinoC
brave new worldtrain kept a rollinbattle of bamds- northweestace recordsC
wailersout of our treenuggets vol. 4rhino
amboy dukesjourney to the center of the mindnuggets vol. 3rhinoC
the expresswastin my timenorthwest battle of the bandsace recordsC
the choclate watchbandare you gonna be at the love innuggets vol. 4rhinoC
dean carterjailhouse rockjailhouse rockace records
dinossaur jr.little furry thingsyour living all over memerge
turn onelection of fire antsturn ondrag city
overloardstill born againthe world takesstorm tower records
sky dropsnow would be a good timeclouds of*
sky dropsgreen to redclouds of*
grandaddyjeez louisejust like the fambly catv-2*
johnny casinonumber oneeasy actionoff the hip*
miriacles of modern sciencethe abe lincolin demos? no labelself released*
horse feathershardwood pewswords are deadlucky madison*
jane anchorcrawlsecond wavelark lane
three 4 tensphilly bluestaking northern libertiesrainbow quartz
audiblefrom the third flooraudiblepolyvinyl
ambulance ltdprimitiveambulance ltdtvt records
mar keysbo timethe complete stax voltatlantichmm.. guess the next dj isnt showing sooooo... what can i play...hmmm
canpinchrge bamyasispoon/mute
james brownthinklive at the apollo vol.2rhino
james brownsolid smokepapa got a brand new bagsolid smoke
big maybellethats a pretty good lovebig maybellesavoy jazz
blood sweat and tearsmy days are numberedchild is father to the mancolumbia
crawlspacehey joethe spirit of 76gulcher records
the earachesright nowtime on firesteel cage*
blood feathersoriginscurse and praisebox theory*
cave manice jewelsbefore the worldself released*
blood sweat and tearsmy days are numberedchild is father to the mancolumbia
the popekool khristian kidsa pyramid for the livingmy pal god*
del rayolympus monspyramid for the livingmy pal godooops the pope album title is ascendo tuum on fanatic*
sort machineclarence in wonderlandmiddle earth masterscuneiform
creamtoadwheels of firerso