Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
hot snakes xox thunder down under swami *
shotmaker air mouse ear (forget-me-not) troubleman unlimited
solar anus skull alcoholic skull alcoholic tumult yikes. i think i just found a worse band name than "king khan & the bbq show". this is mighty heavy though. cd is a compilation of this japanese band's three albums from 1997-2000. *
royal trux witch's tit veterans of disorder drag city R
bobby conn free love i loves sonngs thrill jockey
hefner the hymn for the cigarettes the fidelity wars too pure this accent kills me righteously. it's like gordan gano and jonathan richman strained through the tweeds from belle & sebastian and pureed through this kid anders who hangs out in philadelphia. sorry anders. R
stereototal comic strip tease girl juke box alarm kill rock stars
sleater kinney by the time you're 25 ep kill rock stars
soft boys only the stones remain 1976-1981 ryko rock songs about stonehenge rule.
subhumanz waste of breath/where's the freedom from the cradle to the grave blurrg R
joan of arc trial at orleans the intelligent design of joan of arc polyvinyl *
raool miguel jail bait core lookout R
the rondelles please shut up the fox teen beat
skinned teen geometry of twigs / gumball bazooka smooth lookout
superchunk hyper enough here's where the strings come in merge
th' faith healers uk heart fog imaginary friend elektra
lemonheads stove lovey atlantic
shudder to think shake your halo down get your goat dischord
swearing at motorists you will not die tonight (probably) last night becomes this morning secretly canadian
jonathan richman city vs. country you must ask the heart rounder
dragon city track 4 (more that sheeeeeeeeeee) dragon city s/r no track titles. thanks guys *
siouxsie and the banshees suburban relapse the peel sessions dutch east india trading co.
thatcher on acid i'll probably laugh at this one day thatcher on acid/wat tyler split LP allied R
sticks and stones along the way the strife and times chunksaah
sit n spin danger enjoy the ride cargo
satan's pilgrims theme from beat girl around the world with satan's pilgrims empty
squirrelbait hammering so hard s/t drag city (rerelease)
the psychic paramount solo electric guitar with pre-recorded drums origins and primitives vol1 & 2 no quater *
a hawk and a hacksaw god bless the ottoman empire the way the wind blows the leaf label *
the scientists human jukebox absolute red eye
the descendents good good things i don' want to grow up
wire a touching display 154 pinkflag *
butthole surfers moving to florida 12'
chrome armageddon third from the sun
steve wonder keepin on running music of my mind
jr walker all stars pucker up buttercup best of motown
the ventures mr.moto dance party!
rene hall twitchy specialty story
the pentagons silly dilly specialty
bobby freeman she's a hippy .
---- ------ ------- ------- i kinda gave up. i got so far behind that i've lost track. but if you heard something and want to know more about it... i could probably tell you. thanks for sticking around with me this afternoon... i was on until about 3pm