Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Saturday, December 23, 2006
22:00 to 00:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
skull control in a different cage zzzzz... touch n go art andrews of "your saxophone is my guitar" fame is joining me on this special substitute time slot. YAY!
razar task force where birdman flew taz devil C
korm movie actor patrick direction polvinyl horns. can be so wrong sometimes C
the damned melody lee machine gun etiquette R
dead moon it's ok echoes of the past *
moe tucker & jonathan richman i'm sticking with you 7' single berserkly?? man, oh man. holy moly. this is kills me.
the embarassment o rings heyday box set about the space shuttle challenger
the ex prism song turn touch and go netherlands.
kleenex ain't you wanna buy a bridge rough trade C
yoko ono dogtown seasons of glass geffen
the move night of fear first move : the best of a&m
terry reid tinker taylor superlungs astralwerks this cd kills it.
a hawk and a hacksaw the sparrow the way the wind blows the leaf label *
black sabbath killing yourself to live sabbath bloody sabbath blagga blagga
miranda july lena beamish the binet-simon test <3
the van pelt the speeding train s/t EP do you remember art monk records?
the styrenes east side story a monster and the devil mike hudson of the pagans on vocals.
crass take it as entertainment/you're already dead christ - the bootleg allied
husker du real world metal circus godhead
the fall prole art threat slates u skinny rats!
six finger satellite law of ruins law of ruins
bratmobile do you like me like that? ladies women and girls lookout
the make up they live by night destination : love, live at cold rice dischord
the oxford collapse lady lawyers remember the night parties sub pop *
the wipers doom town over the edge
silkworm drunk firewater
lightning bolt 13 monsters ride the skies load R
soft machine a certain kind middle earth masters cuneiform
bruce springsteen the ties that bind the river
the descendents christmas vacation i don't want to grow up new alliance
the undertones mars bar best of ryko
angry samoans lights out back from samoa bad trip
huggy bear her jazz 7'
assfactor 4 white house is alright if you like saxophones sports old glory
black flag nervous breakdown the first four years sst
motorhead killed by death no remorse
replacements kiss me on the bus tim
make believe another song about camping of course flameshovel *
television personalities a girl called charity yes darling, but is it art? seed
the jam burning sky setting songs
moss icon locket lyburnum vermiform
the smiths nowhere fast meat is murder sire R
the lyres help you ann the lyres matador
prisonshake it's a ron kinda world 7' estrus
jawbreaker donatello bivouac
pere ubu mona why i hate women smog veil *
hot snakes 10th planet automatic midnight
wooden wand and the sky high band mother midnight second attention krs *
neko case deep red bells blacklisted