with Jannon

subbing for jon ryan again

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
basil poledouris (all songs, eventually) conan the barbarian: soundtrack mca today's background music (mine)
brute force doubt st sepia tone orig. from 1970 *
Nice Nice nein Chrome Temporary Residence
friends, lovers & family dark fader infinite beat vol. 1 infinite beat 97 comp C
gisburg mic and drums no stranger not at all Tzadik
nancy hlad anne's waltz deeper polka Smithsonian Folkways accordions by request R
beans Composition in Void Now Soon Someday warp *
the advantage zelda - fortress st 5rc *
geza x isotope soap you goddam kids!! final gear
Mazing Vids Ride The Rings Ride The RIngs stricken records
Charles Iwegbue & His Archibogs salim ye (ibo slow highlife) azagas and archibogs: sixties sound of lagos highlife Original Music from nigeria
swervedriver rave down st ep creation from 1990 R
major stars hardly mention distant effects squealer
the individuals 7 hours by motorboat 7" plexus from 1982
9353 spooky room we are absolutely sure there is no god dutch east
tom recchion dubby struts in trenchton (rifs #2) I love my organ Birdman *
nazz it must be everywhere / sydney's lunchbox #2 7" distortions records from '97
angus maclise tambura drone & sine wave generator the cloud doctrine Sub Rosa orig. drummer for the velvet underground
icky boyfriends katemania talking to you is just like being dead: 1988-present menlo park (the present being 2000)
green away from the pulsebeat mondostereo tinnitus C
the cuts say my name st birdman *
the other half mr. pharmacist mindrocker vol. 1 line records C
organum / z'ev track 4 tinnitus vu touch *
Matching Mole marchides little red record cbs
nano s. jemplang polansky asmat dream lyrichord indonesia meets larry polansky C
kissing tigers sexpt.1 trebuchet ep slow dance
the inland emperors hey hey blake pirtle 7" bag of hammers '95
sonic youth teenage riot Daydream Nation Enigma haven't played it in ages R
15.60.75 (aka the numbers band) about the eye game jimmy bell's still in town morphius / hearpen 75-76 stuff reissued *
Scared of Chaka Automatic 7" empty '97
stereolab brakhage dots and loops elektra we need so damn many things to keep our stupid lives going (mine)
revolving paint dream in the afternoon I love the smell of napalm creation 1986 comp
steve mackey lost and found lost & found bridge
massive attack unfinished sympathy blue lines circa '91
the south jersey seashore lifeguard convention band downstairs 2nd st ep sr another decent cdr band
Functional Blackouts Rat's Cage Maybe Chicago? * C