Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
i wish i knew what this song is because i love it
rifle nice come by it naturally s/t s/r what incredible duet/trio vocals on this. my favorite. so good. record release party this weekend. friday in new york! saturday in philly! YAY! *
sparks angst in my pants angst in my pants
the nice boys ain't that beat s/t birdman ex-exploding hearts *
wreckless eric excuse me the big bang stiff got to see wreckless eric this past weekend at a house show in moorestown nj of all places. it was kind of amazing. really.
wreckless eric reconnez cherie the big bang stiff
purple wizard bbq 7' show and tell recordings so much fun. i love purple wizard *
the king khan & bbq show treat me like a dog what's for dinner in the red god how much i love this band as well. total stomp grease *
captain beefheart ashtray heart doc at the radar station
cream i'm so glad essential
the melvins right in the blood a senile animal ipecac *
simply saucer bullet proof nothing cybords revisited get back
modern lovers fly into the mystery demo so solid. i want to totally not die when i hear this.
the box tops neon rainbow neon rainbow bell so fey. so mersh.
iqu w/ miranda july girls on dates girls on dates k so wierd. i love MJ
east river pipe what does t.s. eliot know about you what are you on? merge only track i liked on this. you may feel differently. *
the soft drugs defending the paint in moderation tower of song *
the oxford colapse loser city remember the night parties sub pop *
wire from the nursery chairs missing pink flag *
empire electric guitar empire
x present aspirations amphetamine reptile
add n to x take me to your leader loud like nature mute
mohammed rafi jan pehechaan ho apparently this is available on the ghost world soundtrack. you know, i never got around to seeing that movie. i like the comics though.
mott the hoople sweet jane all the young dudes columbia
spencer davis group i am a man best of
again, no idea magnificent choo choo! who knows? only joe's record paradise in baltimore knows what the heck this is.i wish they still exsisted so i could find out.
xtc earn enough for us skylarking
creation if i stay too long singles collection get back
neil young stupid girl zuma
the sadies lonely guy in concert volume one yep roc flat duo jets cover *
big star best chance we ever had in space ryko did big star just rip off belle & sebastian? yup. it did.
the soft machine i should've known middle earth masters cuneiform
teen titans teen titans s.k. / yuck! more songs less music 7' peekaboo industries
the smiths you've got everything now the smiths sire R
donovan there is a mountain best of
jon spencer blues explosion soul typecast extra width matador
the deviants i'm coming home ptoof! drop out!
ike yard motiv collected 1980-1982 acute *
talking heads mind fear of music sire
michel legrand les parapluies de cherbourg soundtrack
king crimson i talk to the wind in the court of king crimson
guided by voices last four tracks alien lanes matador
tall dwarfs cant/dog/missed again dogma flying nun
killing joke the wait / complications / change s/t malicious damage