Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the bristols questions i can't answer 7' damaged goods
rocket from the crypt ciao patsy 7' elemental
mc rad shredhead discpan hands rave yay philly! C
chavez top pocket man better days will haunt you matador *
slant 6 rebel rebel bat cat 7' time bomb
clockcleaner by the door missing dick 7' hit dat *
erase errata hotel suicide nightlife kill rock stars *
stereototal beautycase 7' bobsled
channels mayday waiting for the next end of the world dischord *
adam ant & ants kings of the wild frontier marie antoinette soundtrack forecast / verve * C
the slits adventures close to home cut island ok maybe it's a cheap shot (easy) to back this up to adam ant. but really. were you keeping score at home on this one? crunch times call for crunch decisions. this still rules harder than anything so there.
goodbye blue monday endless waiting route 7' s/r
lync heroes & heroines these are not fall colors k
the van pelt you are the glue stealing from our favorite theives gern blandsten
hot water music never ender never ender no idea
the replacements customer sorry ma forgot to take out the trash twintone
the gravel pit paul westerberg the devil caffeine disc
egghunt we all fall down twenty years of dischord dishord R C
our favorite band what's inside of me 7'
holly go lightly lonesome town 7' box theory records
built to spill a lie for a lie ultimate alternative wavers c/z
folk implosion palm of my hand 7' communion
rem feeling gravity's pull i feel fine capitol *
seizure 17 i set myself on fire too pretty for a riot s/r i love this cd. really. seizure17@rock.com *
YDI get up and fight zombie youth out for blood parts unknown
the heads creating in the eternal now is always heavy under the stress of a headlong dive alternative tentacles *
my bloody valentine off your face glider ep creation
boys of now not ready for prime time 7' heliptrope
braid niagara 7'
chisel it's alright you're ok the guns of meridian hill 7' gern blansten
cornershop born disco, died heavy metal born disco died heavy metal merge
the cannanes frightening thing 7' k
the dentists this is not my flag big bang 7' collection
the drags i killed rock and roll 7'
flipper flipper twist 7' matador wow. possibly the worst song ever recorded and that's including the entire dashboard catalog
deerhoof dummy discards a heart apple o kill rock stars
firehose o'er the town of pedro 7'
gaunt turn to ash 7' potential ashtray
government issue world caved in 7'
moto germ inside 7'
gravel bucket of blood 7' k
the wipers doom town over the edge braineater R
gem smiling all the while carocrash 7'
guided by voices queen of second guessing 7' siltbreeze
brightblack morning light star blanket river child s/t matador *
broadcast i found the f tender buttons warp