Thursday, April 8, 2004
13:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
larry adler (all of them eventually) harmonica London today's background music is this 1978 record by harmonica master Adler, who was famous in the 30s and left america in the fifties cause of mccarthyism
metal boys the pleasure tokio airport acute metal urbain side project, mu is playing in philly tonight at the tritone *
The Third Bardo I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time Pebbles, Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery bfd C
happy go licky torso butter will play Dischord
Old Bombs audia 4 Audios Soft Abuse *
alec empire sonyprotitutes generation star wars mille plateaux
duane eddy stalkin' have twangy guitar will travel jamie (mine)
deep six stay right here st coyote
dalek I love you holiday in disneyland 7" (1982) WB
mekons I'm So Happy Punk Rock Quarterstick the new old mekons record *
white flag (w/ Joanna Spockolla McDonald) You Got Me Desperate Teenage Lovedolls enigma soundtrack comp C
Mission of Burma what we really were ONoffON matador not in stores till may *
usaisamonster no more forever tasheyana compost load
misfits london dungeon box set sampler caroline R
sunshine daydreams about white lines Necromance gsl reissue of 2001 album by czech band *
art of noise donna into battle w/ ... island
el-p get modal high water Thirsty Ear *
gate have not the dew line table of the elements michael morley of the dead c
deerhoof desaparecere milkman 5rc *
man man monster st ep Ace Fu *
adam ant place in the country friend or foe epic (mine)
Air Conditioning b1 i'm in the mountains, i'll call you next year Peel Back the Sky/White Denim *
daisy chainsaw lovely ugly brutal world eleventeen a&m (1992)
hail mary crashing down 7" Vermiform Records
bad genes who are we? america in decline six weeks from pittsburgh C
dead kennedys this could be anywhere frankenchrist Alternative Tentacles couldn't find california uber alles in a pinch R
Zebra Attack Organize Powers Lightweight into Earblocking Noises Soundexploder *
(no clue) track 5 (aka showstopper) Chains & Black Exhaust jones this comp has no artist / track info C
cheap trick speak now or forever hold your peace st epic
Old Time Relijun this kettle contains the heart lost light K Records *
rolling stones send it to me emotional rescue CBS Records (mine)
Pere Ubu Ubu Dance Party One Man Drives While the Other Man Screams Morphius/Hearpen reissue of 1989 album of earlier live stuff *
catharsis darkness at noon 7" noiseville 1992
colors the last days of rome end of the world a-go-go tremor 1986 C
robyn hitchcock somewhere apart element of light Relativity (mine)
schramms nine years rock, paper, scissors, dynamite east side digital
The King Cobra March On Pompeii st Troubleman Unlimited *