Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
modern lovers such lonliness warner bros demo sessions hey hey it's good to be back! this lost modern lovers track totally KILLS! enjoy!
the records starry eyes s/t virgin my new favorite power pop song
yo la tengo mr. tough i am not afraid of you matador eh not feeling this track unfortunately. sounds like beck doing "sexxlaws" on belle & sebastian lite. *
the myrmidons clap (see the stars) 7' distributed by show & tell records. go to the myrmidons.com .
holly & the italians i wanna go home the right to be italian epic this record looks like it might suck but if you see it in a dollar bin, go for it. it rules
the tweeds i need that record yellow pills prefill maybe my favorite nerdy referential song. C
the left 5am jesus loves the left bonafide *
arrogant computer music toilet bowl ballads mid 80s self released masterpiece *
killdozer a man's gotta be a man intellectuals are the shoeshine boys of the ruling elite touch and go
wire 12 x u pink flag emi *
YDI mad at the world out for blood parts unknown 80s philly hardcore
scratch acid damned for all time just keep eating rabid cat
lee hazlewood the only mama that'll walk the line the cowboy and the lady i think i want to crawl into lee hazlewood's brain.
thee headcoatees the first plane home girlsville & the kids are all square / this is hip damaged goods
radio birdman we've come so far to be here today zeno beach yep roc *
cap'n jazz oh messy life analphabetapolothology jade tree R
hell no 3 sheets to the wind skin job war dance records
the gossip standing in the way of control 12' kill rock stars
sparks throw her away and get a new one big beat
os mutantes a minha menina tropicalia soul jazz *
john cale macbeth paris 1919
lobo me and you and dog named boo 20 CHARTSTOPPERS k-tel
king kong ding dong it's my birthday s/t s/r superbeautifulspacerockfromphiladelphia *
the beauty pill cigarette girl from the future unsustainable lifestyle dischord
wanda jackson funnel of love born bad vol. 1 born bad pint sized punch in the face. sassmaster jackson. C
girls at our best getting nowhere fast pleasure vinyl japan
little gentlemen rant rant rant 7' more more more philly 80s hardcore (well punk, anyway)
babe ruth the mexican album maybe the only prog song i\\\\
halo benders please let me get what i want 7' k smiths cover as only calvin and doug can do it
edgar broughton band piece of my own s/t oh man. my new favorite band.
the move night of fear best of the move a & m
king kahn & the BBQ show waddlin' around s/t goner
the dissimiliars crushin' up pills 7' plastic idol *
the jam burning sky setting sons polydor R
********** ************** ********** ********** thanks for tuning in -- i'm sure that future playlists will contain almost as much hyperbole as this one does. really though, man, i didn't even get to all the good stuff i wanted to play. until next week, then!