Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Thursday, September 7, 2006
23:00 to 01:00
electronic / industrial
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New Comp
Skinny Puppy Immortal Asleep By Dawn - Issue 2 n/a
Project Pitchfork Realm Center Eon: Eon Metropolis
Wumpscut Golthago n/a n/a
Velvet Acid Christ Icon n/a n/a
GenCAB Perish The Thought ( Alternate Demo ) Hordes Of The Elite Glitchmode C
Yendri Bodyless Ghosts From The Darkside CD 1 EFA C
The Knife Silent Shout Silent Shout Rabid Records *
I Love YOu But Ive Chosen Darkness According To Plan According To Plan Secretly Canadian *
B12 Scriptures Artificial Intelligence 2 Warp C
Placebo Effect Dreamland n/a n/a
Cocteau Twins Wax And Wane n/a n/a
C/ A/ T Number 6 The Prisoner Crunchpod