with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel

Concert Calendar time.
Home BlitzStupid StreetLive OutsideSingle of the year, perhaps.
Chin & Lester & FranksTreat The New Guy RightAn Idiot Not To Appreciate Your*
Measles Mumps RubellaNice Hollow BodiesFantastic Success
Our Favorite BandWhat's Inside Of Me?7"1981.
Victory At SeaBored OtherwiseAll Your Things Are Gone*
McRadDead By DawnAbsense Of Sanity
No Means NoSlugs Are BurningAll Roads Lead To Ausfahrt*
Count VertigoI'm A Mutant7"
Yo La TengoPass The Hatchet, I Think I'm GoodkindI Am Not Afraid Of You & I Will Kick Your Ass*
The V.I.P.sThe Quarter Moon7"
The Pine Valley CosmonautsThe Ballad Of Billie JoeThe Executioner's Last Songs Volumes 2 & 3With Rebecca Gates on vocals.
Icy DemonsTrial By LasersTears Of A CloneForthcoming.
Cause Co-MotionWhich Way Is Up?7"*
Surefire BroadcastLive on
DaughtersCheers, PricksHell Songs
InachordDead PoolRechordingMission Of Burma cover.
Arthur RussellCorn #3Springfield1985.*
PolyrockRomantic MeS/TProduced by Philip Glass.
Pepi GinsbergChina SeaOrange Juice: Stephanie/Stephanie*
Athletico Spizz 80Spock's Missing7"
Mount ShastaWalkathonPut The Creep On
Panda RiotShe Dares All ThingsDemoLive on this radio show in two weeks.
Morgan Freeman & Lee ChamberlinEasy ReaderThe Electric Company
Neung PhakCheerThe Believer 2006 Music Issue*C
BeltlineEraser7Oswald 5-0 cover.
Sunburned Hand Of The ManPete's DynamiteSweet Release #1*C
Mother's DayCum N'goIf I Only Had A Brain
Live SkullJerking The LightBringing Home The BaitGood request.R
Johnny Clampett & The WalkersNervous BreakdownT.M.I. 015C
Keith Fullerton WhitmanRecorded In LisbonRecorded In Lisbon