Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Thursday, July 20, 2006
23:00 to 01:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
Boards Of Canada Heard From Telegraph Lines Trans Canada Highway Warp *
Clapan Shopping Cart ( Clapan Remix ) 21st Century Lullaby Somia *
I. A. O. The Clan Artificial Intelligence Warp C
Seraph Of Treason Entity The Burning Demos MI 6
C / A / T Number 6 The Prisoner Crunchpod
Endif Second Skin Endif vs. Caustic Static Sky
Derma-Tek Lost Cause Lost Cause EP DSBP
Projekt 2501 Damage Done Interbreeding 4 Gefahrlich BLC C
Cyanotic Order Out Of Chaos Transhuman Glitch Mode Recordings
Panzer Division Steelhand ( Smoke ) n/a s/r
Feindflug Leitbild Feindflug Black Rain R
VNV Nation Serial Killer ( Tormented ) Advance And Follow ( v2 ) SPV
Das Ich Der Schrei ( Vicious Cycle remix ) n/a n/a
Bauhaus Kick In The Eye Gothic Rock 2 Cleopatra C
The Cure Strange Day ( Live ) In Orange n/a
Terrestrial Tones Magic Trick Dead Drunk Pawtracks *
Ministry New World Order Psalm 69 Sire
PAL Gelobis n/a n/a R
Killing Joke Pandemonium Pandemonium BMG
Front 242 Tragedy For You n/a n/a R
Secret Mommy Bottom 40 Mammal Class Orthlorng Musark *
X Marks The Pedwalk Meshwork m.1 Meshwork Cleopatra R
B12 Mondrin Electro - Soma Warp
Leafblower Eight Of One And Six Of The Other The World Is Ours To Break s/r
Saint Etienne Lightning Strikes Twice Tales From The Turnpike House Savoy Jazz *
Virgo Four In A Vision Warp 10+1 Influences Warp C
Pink Floyd Dogs Animals Columbia R