with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel

Concert Calendar time.
The HusbandsTell Me Your Love Is Only MineThere's Nothing More I'd Like Than To See You Dead*
SpectrumQuiabo'sGeracao BenditaFrom Brazil. 1971.
KaadaFrom Here On It Got RoughMusic For Moviebikers*
ColossamiteIs To Isn'tAll Lingo's Clamor
EspersWidow's WeedEspers IIIs that a saw?*
MakaleRaggattakKingztanbulTurkish hip hop.
The Pop GroupBeyond Good & EvilKiss The FutureA collection of Mark Stewart's new and old material.*
DC SnipersSoviet UnionMissle Sunset
I Love You But I've Chosen DarknessBetter StrangersAccording To Plan*
Les MogolIlgazDances & Rhythms Of Turkey Of Yesterday & TodayAlso 1971.
Arro GantComputer MusicToilet Bowl BalladsSolo material by a member of D.B.L.I.T.Y.*
Cosmic PsychosCustom CreditDown On The FarmRobbie "Rocket" Watts RIP.
ConcentrickBehind The TreesLucid DreamingTim Green solo record.
Brass CastleFreon NightsS/T*
Mod FunLive on WPRB
Lyme RegisUSA7Ex-FM Knives.*
Love CircusLive ForeverS/T
Bardo PondFCIITicket Crystals*
Julian S PrcssI Grow "Fur" EliseI Grow Fur
MadlibPyramidsThe Beat Konducta vol. 1 & 2*
Curse Of The Golden VampireUnited Snakes Of AmericaMass DestructionMembers of Godflesh, Head Of David & God.
Bear AttackYer Aim Is Accuratemp3Live next week on this radio program.
Aids WolfSome Sexual DrawingsThe Lovvers*
The NextMr. WonderfulMake It Quick
Dead MeadowHidden TrackFeathers