with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel

Concert Calendar time.
The Marked MenYou Said EnoughFix My BrainEx-Reds.*
Tickley FeatherHanging With CooleyDanger! Danger!Local. C
Mr. LifTake, Hold, Fire!Mo'megaWith Aesop Rock & El-P.*
Miss TK & The RevengeDon't Call MeXoxo
Amateur PartyPublic Utility ComplaintSingle
Gitogito HustlerPuzzleLove & RollFrom Japan.*
Moving TargetsAlways CallingBurning In Water
10lec6Little Red WalkJoin Us!French.*
The Mr. T ExperiencePig LatinMaking Things With Light
EpsilonsDressed UpS/TTotally Radd!! cover.*
Paris SmithPentatoniaNew Thing! C
Most Secret MethodInch1997Split 10" with The Dusters.
AnimaFeel Like A BoneSturmischer Himmel1971.
B MulveyPaper WaspsCascades*
Pepi GinsbergLive on
Pony PantsFactoryTill Death Do Us Party*
Birds Of MayaAncient Witches RiseVol. 1Forthcoming.
HeardStop It BabyPebbles 71979. C
EntranceGrim Reaper BluesPrayer Of DeathAvailable only at*
BarcelonaKasey KellerZero One InfinityGoaaaaaal.
The ChurchReptileStarfishBlame my wife.
Able TasmansAngry MartyrHey Spinner!
Jennifer O'ConnorSisterS/TLive next week on this radio show.
JelWMD12"Instrumental mix.*
The CobbsLo CheySing The Death CapadesLocal.
Nick Castro & The Young EldersLay Down Your ArmsS/T*
Art Of FightingI Don't Keep A RecordWires
LakesSong Of Investment Capital OverseasZum Audio III* C
Muhal Richard AbramsWise In Time (excerpt)Young At HeartAACM founder.*