Her Jazz

with Maria T


Wednesday, June 21, 2006
14:00 to 17:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
breeders saints last splash elektra SUMMER IS READY WHEN YOU ARE
MGR 4 nova lux neurot *
vitalic my friend davio OK cowboy different
delta 5 delta 5 singles & sessions kill rock stars hey, i made this cd!
sebadoh skull 7" sub pop
jenny mae drapes [megamix] new world record american pop project
the carlsonics senator s/t arena rock recording co
ted leo and the pharmacists me and mia shake the sheets lookout R
dreams so real everywhere girl 7" coyote
Television Personalities sick again My Dark Places Domino *
the boy least likely to monsters the best party ever too young to die *
human hands stix & stones hereafter nate starkman & son
the cakekitchen walking on glass world of sand HMS
howe gelb chore of enchantment sno angel like you thrill jockey *
april march & the makers try to cry april march sings along with the makers SFTRI
seaweed just a smirk 7" leopard gecko
mylo guilty of love Destroy Rock And Roll RCA *
the haters glsam in the shade of fire silent records
royal trux solid gold tooth twin infinitives drag city
guvner almond roca hard for measy for you ecstatic peace
armalite other entertainers S/T no idea *
pj harvey dress dress ep too pure
shoplifting m sally body stories kill rock stars
the silence kit my name is another room in regulated measure azteca *
barbara manning i love you 1000 ways b4 we go under teenbeat
hisoft country amateur ep chocolate hearts
magic dirt touch that space 7" dirt
coachwhips prisoner 119 double death narnack *
talkdemonic dusty fluorescent/wooden shelves beat romantic arena rock recording co *
Rhys Chatham guitar ring factor x moers music
Tom Verlaine orbit Songs & Other Things thrill jockey *
clinic internal wrangler Internal Wrangler domino
spoon lafitte dont fail me now the agony of lafitte saddle creek
sons and daughters johnny cash love the cup Domino
mekons hard to be human again fear and whiskey sin
destroyer painter in your pocket destroyer's rubies merge *
the faint victim convenience Blank Wave Arcade saddle creek R
eleventh dream day new rules zeroes and ones thrill jockey *
love is all felt tip nine times that same song what's your rupture *
the spells number one fan age of backwards K helium / s-k collabo!
SEC u.s. steal 7" collective
charlambides black bed blues a vintage burden kranky *