Electronic Music for GOD

with DJ Arico

Double Jointed Beats

Saturday, May 27, 2006
18:30 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label
kiern Hebben and steve reid Morning prayer the exchange sessions vol. 2 domino
four tet unspoken rounds domino
solus session 5 lights in the valley upr
ove-naXx sex-drug-breakcore bullets from habikino city hxcx soot
Crib foward back forward back win
Robert Miles one & one one and one remixes arista
safar last acid train to euphoria tangerine train agua boogie
dibs and redboy regressive 12" single bikiniwax
general midi daft funk 12" single TCR
Hi grade brockout 12" SINGLE bingobeats
gereral midi the future 12" single TCR
soul position the extra mile things go better with rj and al Rhymesayers
seu jorge foire de la citta cru fla flu
Books on Tape unknown sings the blues greyday
peacefeather unknown s/t honeymoons music