Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Waiter Theres An Icon Of Coil In My Soup

Thursday, May 25, 2006
01:00 to 03:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
Thieves F. C. C. C. You Hold The World Like A Gun Lowatt *
Mise En Abyme Onslaught Jesquibel Marriage *
Upper Rooms Thing That Hurts Spunk : Filtered Through Friends ECM Records C
Yoko Solo These Are The Beeps The Beeps Quake Trap *
Moth Complex Learned My Lesson ( Error 256 Remix ) - Remix by When Silence Becomes Art Error 256 EP s/r
Prodigy Firestarter Their Law : The Singles 1990 - 2005 XL Records *
Funker Vogt Tragic Hero Execution Tracks Metropolis
Run Level Zero Black Limbs Symbol Of Submission DSBP
Violent Entity Select The Victim Mechanized Division Black Rain
Projekt 2501 Damage Done Interbreeding 4 Gefarlich BLC C
C/ A/ T Reaction ( Orange Alert Mix by S3V3R ) The Prisoner Crunchpod
Leafblower Tripcop Hello World s/r
Clapan Shopping Cart ( Clapan Remix ) 21st Century Lullaby Somia *
Clapan Manual Control 21st Century Lullaby Somia *
Virgo Four In A Vision Warp 10+1 Influences Warp C
B12 Telephone 529 Electro- Soma Warp
Delica Little Pout The Chemical Rift s/r
Haujobb Penetration ( Assemblage 23 Remix ) n/a R
Gothminister March Of The Dead n/a n/a R
The Mission Raising Cain Gothic Rock 2 Cleopatra C
Ministry Reload (12 inch) Greatest Fits Warner Brothers R
Caustic MMM Papscraper I Love You Endif vs. Causitc : Meld Static Sky Records
Seraph Of Treason Falling The Burning Demos s/r
Jessica Vale Boy In Black The Sex Album Explicit Records *