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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Morrissey First of the Gang to Die You Are the Quarry Attack this is dedicated to the Mex-American Morrisey cover band "Young & Tender Hooligans" Today's show is L.A./California/Movie Industry themed since I just returned from Lala Land.
Lilys Cambridge California Better Can't Make Your Life Better Che
Joni Mitchell California Hits Reprise
Rufus Wainwright California Poses Dreamworks
Queen Let Me Entertain You Jazz Hollywood Records
Stereolab Heavenly Van Halen (Pinball) ABC Music relation to the theme: VH hail from L.A.
X Soul Kitchen Los Angeles Rhino double points- Album name, AND this is a Doors cover, Doors being from L.A.! (I'm not going to play any Doors, so don't ask!!)
Lene Lovich Angels Lucky Number Stiff
Sparks Sextown USA Angst In My Pants Oglio Records
Ennio Morricone Angel Face Spaghetti Western BMG
Belle & Sebastian Big John Shaft Storytelling Matador
Arling & Cameron W.E.E.K.E.N.D. Music for Imaginary Films Emperor Norton sunshine! simulated sunshine anyway
Beach Boys That's Not Me Pet Sounds Capitol was gonna play some classic Beach Boys surf, but I couldn't resist...
The Ventures Vibrations Super Psychedelics
Steely Dan Peg Aja
Stereo Total Moviestar Total Pop Le Grand Magistery "You think you're Steve McQueen when you're driving in your car..." This ST comp features tracks hand-picked my Momus, whose blog has a lenghy entry on his love/hate relationship with L.A.
Jello Biafra & The Melvins Voted Off the Island Sieg Howdy! Alternative Tentacles "California Uber Alles" updated for the 21st century
Dysrhythmia Nutritional Facelift No Interference Translation Loss
Black Flag TV Party Repo Man MCA
Hella Madonna Approaches Blonde R&B Wreckages Homeboy 5 Rue Christine
Ronnie Hudson West Coast Poplock South Central How do you pop-lock in cars? And why do you pop-lock in a Howard Johnson, but then I guess why not?
Delta 5 Circuit Singles and Sessions 79-81 Kill Rock Stars *
Fabulous Emotions Funky Chicken Philly Sound Get Down: Funky Philly Instrumentals funkadelphia * C
Soledad Brothers Downtown Paranoia Consequences The Hardest Walk Alive Records *
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Hardcore Pops Are Fun House Arrest Paw Tracks *
Kieren Hebdan & Steve Reid Soul Oscillations The Exchange Session Vol. 1 Domino *
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Nashville Parthenon Etiquette Tomlab *