with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love...

Concert Calendar time.
DC SnipersPower OffMissle Sunset*
Voltare BrothersWhich OneI Sing The Booty ElectricFunk from Mick Collins.
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3Killing Me...tick...tick...tick*
The CookiesDon't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)Early Girls vol. 4From 1963. C
Power AgeEat Wheat Not MeatThe A.L.F. Is WatchingSouth African hardcore. C
Adam ArcuragiAll The BellsS/TForthcoming.
The BriefsCriminal YouthSteal Yer HeartThe Dickies would be proud.*
The SpitsViolence UpS/TThird album.
Delta 5Singing The PraisesSingles & Sessions 1979-19811981 BBC Radio session.*
Leland Stanford Marching BandWhite Punks On Dopemp3Tubes cover.
The Soft DrugsDefending The PaintDemoNew from TW Walsh and friends.
The Mighty HannibalGet In The GrooveGet In The GrooveLive at Southpaw.* C
Shot x ShotTwo ImprovisationsS/TForthcoming.
The CleanOddittyAnthologyHad this song in my head all week.
The MisteriososLive on
Jai Alai SavantThunderstatementThunderstatementFind Major Taylor and bring him up on war crimes.*
EdselGlazed By The Cold FrontTechniques Of Speed Hypnosis
Bill WithersSweet WanomiJust As I AmReissue of 1971 Lp.*
KarlsruheNeuer Indianer-Spielplatz im GrunzugMister Comp 3 C
The Candy MachineInstamaticTune International
The Go-BetweensBoundary RiderThat Striped Sunlight SoundLive in Brisbane.*
RorschachDrawn & QuarteredAutopsy
Buried BedsAnchor & SeaEmpty RoomsLive next week on this radio show.
Roosevelt SykesFine & BrownThe United Records StoryAlternate take. C
Terry ReidSpeak Now Or Forever Hold Your PeaceSuperlungsLegend has it he was recruited as the original vocalist for Led Zepplin.*
S PrcssA Boulder Tycoon Or EnyaMNMLLocal.
Mighty FlashlightSeveral Water CannonsS/T
23 SkidooIySeven SongsDebut from 1982.
The JurassicsThe Ballad Of James T. KirkLittle Hits
Albert AylerBellsSlug's Saloon5/1/66.*