with Jon Solomon

Best of "Live on WPRB" 2005.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
KinskiThe Party That You Know Will Be HeavyLive on WPRB8/25/05.
Kara LaftyEmilyLive on WPRB1/25/05.
Joel RL PhelpsRev. Robert Irving/Right NowLive on WPRB8/30/05.
Man ManEnglish Blood/White Rice, Brown HeartLive on WPRB1/4/05.
Parts & LaborParts & LaborLive on WPRB2/7/05.
The ConstantinesHyacinth BluesLive on WPRB7/11/05.
Andrew ChalfenOn The Way DownLive on WPRB8/23/05.
Birds Of MayaWhich Side Are You On/Fly Magic PiLive on WPRB6/6/05.
Shy ChildSummerLive on WPRB2/21/05.
Golden BallRice's MillLive on WPRB8/30/05.
Spinto BandTrust vs. MistrustLive on WPRB7/10/05.
Red Eyed LegendsGo-Go GirlsLive on WPRB4/3/05.
Dr. DogThe World May Never KnowLive on WPRB3/1/05.
LowCue The Strings/Walk Into The SeaLive on WPRB2/3/05. R
MazarinNew American ApathyLive on WPRB7/25/05.
King GodGoodbye Horses (Q. Lazarus cover)Live on WPRB11/15/05.
Lee, Jae-WonWhacks On/Whacks OffLive on WPRB9/22/05.
CoyoteHalf The TimeLive on WPRB3/22/05.
Amy AnnelleIt's All Over Now Baby Blue (Bob Dylan cover)Live on WPRB10/6/05.
RelayNew Domestic LandscapeLive on WPRB3/28/05.
The Yah Mos DefI'll Be Under Your BedLive on WPRB4/25/05.
DipsomaniacsLittle Mascara (Replacements cover)Live on WPRB10/18/05.
Mike WexlerMarch VioletsLive on WPRB9/27/05.
Grammar Debate!I Stab Myself To SleepLive on WPRB7/11/05.
National EyeI Ran Into HimLive on WPRB4/11/05.
Fan Of FriendsTicksLive on WPRB9/13/05.
BirdbrainI FlyLive on WPRB6/14/05.
The Doctor & PhilipMeditation On LarryLive on WPRB10/25/05.
Green Milk From The Planet OrangeConcrete City BreakdownLive on WPRB11/1/05.