with Jon Solomon

50th Live Band Spectacular!

Wednesday, March 3, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
other shows

The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.
The Last Town ChorusChange Your MindLive on WPRB
Del Rey Live on WPRB
The Twin AtlasEndings AwayLive on WPRB
Ted LeoGhostsLive on WPRBThe Jam cover.
Brother JTI Saw The EyeLive on WPRB
Ex ModelsLove Japanese StyleLive on WPRB
TW WalshDrunk and PoorLive on WPRB
Kelly SlusherI'm The Devil Of The NeighborhoodLive on WPRB
Adam ArcuragiThe Dog Is Dead, AmenLive on WPRB
1929 Live on WPRB
PortastaticBobby JeanLive on WPRBBruce Springsteen cover.
EntranceNever Be AfraidLive on WPRB
The Trauma QueensLoving You (Is Like Being On Fire)Live on WPRB
Mondo ToplessNo MoreLive on WPRB
Bitter, Bitter WeeksThe EndlightsLive on WPRB
Rebecca GatesGreetings From The Sugar LickLive on WPRB
Taking Pictures Live on WPRB
SunburstLive on WPRBex-The Feelies.
The Trouble With SweeneyThe Break UpLive on WPRB
The RosebudsKicks In The SchoolyardLive on WPRB
The Little KillersVolumeLive on WPRB
Cynthia G. MasonFits and StartsLive on WPRB
The Quick Fix Kills3/4 RomanceLive on WPRB
Denison WitmerStationsLive on WPRB
S PrcssI'm A Cement MixerLive on WPRB
Atom & His PackagePossessionLive on WPRB
The Seconds Live on WPRB
The Bigger LoversThreadbareLive on WPRB
Need New Body Live on WPRB
Oxford Collapse Live on WPRB
The Jane AnchorSinnerLive on WPRB
Hale ZukasLive on WPRBEx-A Minor Forest, Burmese.
Late Night TelevisonLosers, Letdowns and Low PointsLive on WPRB
Alkali FlatsNo Cylinders Are FiringLive on WPRB
Electric Turn To Me20 EyesLive on WPRB
South CongressCheat By DesignLive on WPRB
Lefty's DeceiverHorizon Is FasterLive on WPRB