Wednesday, December 10, 2003
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelHappy SquidThe theme song you know and love
Oxford CollapseBobby VCd5Hot ChubbsNot a tribute to the former Mets manager, sadly*
Voodoo IdolsGrunt GruntKilled By FloridaKBFC
Kill The HostagesMutantKilled By FloridaKBFC
Red JonesIntroduction: Why Become An Umpire?Red Jones Steeerikes BackMotown
Asha BhosleMera Naam Hai ShabnamThe Rough Guide To Bollywood LegendsRough Guide*
Circle SevenCover UpSuburban HopeRuthless
Kasenetz-Katz Super CircusShakeBubblegum's Greatest Hits Vol. IIAccord
Functional BlackoutsStamp Out TechnoS/TCriminal IQ*R
MegadethKilling Is My Business...And Business Is Good!Killing Is My Business...Combat
Explosions In The SkyMemorialThe Earth Is Not A Cold Dead PlaceTemporary Residence*
Tina BrittThe Real ThingItchy Twitchy FeelingsEMIC
The WarmersOccupation: Fish45Dischord
Ghislain PoirierOu Je Voulais AllerConflitsIntr_VersionRapping. In French.*
Stiv BatorsCircumstantial EvidenceWhere The Action Is!Bomp!C
The Young WerewolvesLive on WPRB Recorded 12/9/03
The RubOn The CliffBikini GospelHappy SquidCaller made fair point that you never get to hear any other Rub songs on my show. So, we heard one. R
The Jane AnchorGot It MadeJust WaitS/R*
PrinceControversyControversyWarner BrothersOne man dance party in studio a.
Plague LoungeFlight SimulatorThe Wicker ImageNew World Of Sound
Jerry Stiller & Anne MearaMoments Of Truth Behind TV CommercialsThe Last Two People In The WorldColumbia
The Planet TheMan Called WifePhysical Angel54 40 or Fight*
ConsonantDumb JoyLove & AfflictionFenwayTwo pairs of tickets given away for Consonant's show @ Doc Watson's on Saturday.
Measles Mumps RubellaWhite FlightBegin Live TransmissionDischord*C
The Gentle'menCome On (If You Can)Boulders #2MaxC
Ernie KovacsQuestion ManThe Ernie Kovacs AlbumCBS
McCarthy CommissionMind SetAdvanced CalculusThese Bricks Are MineLive on WRCT*C
Lemon PipersJelly JungleBubblegum's Greatest Hits Vol. IAccordMore bubblegum!
BareminimumWinter Strait Brand45Sub Pop
Plain Wrap!Green Light, Red LightOrignal Music For A Generic WorldEnigma
The Cheater SlicksArm YourselfForgive TheeIn The Red
Three Second KissKing Of The Air12"Slowdime
America's HardcoreA.H.C.Party AnimalMysticC
The LawWhat Did Santa Claus Bring You For Christmas?The My Pal God Holiday RecordMy Pal God...see you in two weeks!