with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
AnnaliseNew SoundHere's To Hope*
Magwere Blind School BandChinamaAfrican Acoustic"Guitar Songs from Tanzania, Zambia & Zaire." C
SterlingUntitled 2S/TFrom Chicago.
Chris LeoThe Difference Between This, That & The Other ThingWhite PigeonsThe latest from this former Native Nod and Van Pelt member.*
MagneticsCount The DaysThe Northern Soul Of Chicago Vol. 2 C
LabradfordSliding GlassDog So Large I Can Not See Past It C
TarMumperHandsomeCan't get the image of John Mohr on a Slip'n'Slide out of my head.
The Instant AutomatonsPeople Laugh At MeAnother Wasted Saturday AfternoonCould be WPRB's theme song! From 1980.*
Rex LawsonBere BoteThe Rough Guide To Highlife C
Glass CandySugar & WhitebreadIkoInstrumental mix.*
Get Smart!World Without End45RIP Don Adams.
FeltPenelope TreeAbsolute Classic Masterpieces
Asshole ParadeRed TapeSay GoodbyeCircle Jerks cover.*
Lee, Jae-WonLive on
Animals & MenTerraplane FixationRevel In The Static"Demos & Singles 1979-1983."*
Gerty FarishMinute Vacations45
Gang WizardEverybody Has But One Chance To Be BeautifulApril 2005 East Coast Cdr
Annie HaydenSwingin PartyThe Enemy Of LoveReplacements cover.*
Veena SahasrabuddheRaga KalavatiOne Thousand MindsExcerpt.
The Twin AtlasWrap The DaysSun TownshipLovely as always.*
Scared Of ChakaCashed OutMasonic Youth
Mike WexlerTropic Of GeminiS/TLive in three weeks on this radio show.*
Satan's PilgrimsDownshiftin'Around The World With...The Ree Gents cover.
Arizona Amp & AlternatorMan On A StringS/THowe Gelb and Scout Niblett.*
Los SpitfiresVen CercaGirls In The Garage Vol. 8 C
Nassau String BandMarried Woman Is A Secret MurdererDeep River Of Song: Bahamas 1935Alan Lomax field recording. C
The Deadly SnakesWorkPorcella*
Sham 69If The Kids Are United45Used by Tony Blair to try and convey the Labour Party's spirit of unity. Crazy.
Mod FunNothing Can Be EverythingCd5They're reunited.*
Double OIs It BetterYou've Lost
Steve Reich & MusiciansDrumming - Part FourLive 1977*