Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
lifetime anchor hello bastards jade tree
miss tk & the revenge banana xoxo gern blandsten
ashtabula nineteenpointsix river of many dead fish siltbreeze
denison witmer 24 turned 25 philadelphia songs burnt toast
notekillers juggernaut s/t ecstatic peace
dead milkmen tiny town death rides a pale cow restless C
annie hayden start a little late the rub merge
the clocks theme for elijah the saint the sinner the virgin and the dynamo track star
daddy licks she said no absolutely allentown positively 19th street #42 * C
american watercolor movement black market cologne and the maps came down s/r #43
american altitude euronymous s/t s/r
the trouble with sweeney the break up i know you destroy burnt toast vinyl #45
the wishniaks tickertape trash 7" junk
cordalene would it have killed you (to kiss me just once)? blue manic pop thrill #47
US funk team plants dont make a sound s/t s/r *
bardo pond lull set and setting matador
clem snide i cant stay here tonight you were a diamond spin art
cynthia g mason measure s/t s/r #33
d.b. lity jailbait dress british look irish think yiddish positively 19th street #32
dragon city the more that she welcome extracurricular #31
espers firefly refrain believer mag 2005 comp believer #30 fursaxa cover * C
lilys nanny in manhattan better cant make your life better che #29
brother jt shine like me hang in there baby drag city #28
man man against the peruvian monster s/t Ace Fu #27
national eye ag1 roomful of lions national parking #26
rye coalition stairway to the free bird on the way to the smokey water on top Tiger Style #25
spent excuse me while i drink myself to death songs of drinking and rebellion merge #24
sympathizers chatter dread at the control thn thn #23 *
the roots rolling with the heat Phrenology mca #22
the wayward wind opening nights wait for green manic pop thrill / schwa-disk #21 *
walker lundee vodka soda #3 demo s/r #20
bad news bats mother brain get outta philly tick tick tick #19 C
winterbrief the past sure is tense mama kangaroos genus #18 C
audible october song sky signal Polyvinyl #17
Atom & His Package the palestinians are not the same thing as the rebel alliance jackass ATTENTION! blah, blah, blah Hopeless Records #16
Yo La Tengo sugarcube i can hear the heart beating as one Matador #15
hisoft faith hoags Hot Dog City #14 C
golden ball Rices Mill luxury of pause honeymoon music #13 *
mazarin for energy infinite we're already there I & Ear Records #12 *
need new body inner gift wheres black ben 5rc #11
photon band broken melody our own esp driven scene darla #10
relay ode to guesswork pre s/r #9 *
the capitol years juicers let them drink burn & shiver #8
the spinto band did i tell you nice and nicely done bar none #7
The Teeth oh bessie Carry the Wood national parking #6
the toms i wanna be a teen again yellow pills numero group #5 C
hail social more time s/t Polyvinyl #4 *
the a-sides park avenue hello hello prison jazz #3
b.c. camplight blood and peanut butter hide, run away one little indian #2 *
the feelies slipping (into something) the good earth coyote #1
edith frost cars & parties wonder wonder drag city covering for kelsey!
hockey night i ger real keep guessin Lookout! *
Tenemant Halls Up and Over the Turnstiles Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells Merge *