with deirdre dionysiac

don't change the world

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
wild & wonder
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL & THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRA lucifer rising take 4 lucifer rising the ajna offensive 1980/2016, Santa Barbara, CA.
NICKY ROBERTS spaceman (out of nowhere) you're not from around here numero group 2019 (orig. 1961), US.
CHARLIE MEGIRA direct exercise no. 1 tomorrow's gone numero group 2019 (orig. 2006), Israel.
THE STUDENTS midnight summer song students in summer les masques 1985/2019, France.
JACKY MCKAYTEN the black magic the black magic fortuna records 1982/2019, Israel.
SHIMSHON MIEL the holy zohar / don't change the world orchards of whispering embers a r s records 1977/2007, Israel.

[break] STEVE ERQUIAGA, WAYNE BRASEL, KENNETH NASH, "seascapes" (1985, US)
VICKIE & THE VAN DYKES i wanna be a winner basement beehive: the girl group underground numero group 2018 (orig. '60s), US.
JACKIE SHANE money (that's what i want) money stop 1962, Nashville, TN.
BAILEY'S NERVOUS KATS first love the nervous kats emma records 1965, Redding, CA.
HAYDEN THOMPSON sixteen eighty eight you're not from around here numero group 2019, Booneville, MS.
JEFF EUBANK kamikaze pilot a street called straight yoga records, drag city 1983/2010, Kansas City, MO.
THE GRODECK WHIPPERJENNY wonder if the grodeck whipperjenny people 1970, Cincinnati, OH.
ATOMIC FOREST fly robin fly obsession '77 oriental melodies 1977, India.

[break] SHIMSHON MIEL, "fourteen minutes" (1977, Israel)
THE MUZZY BAND intro (excerpt) enjoy the experience: homemade records 1958-1992 sinecure books, now-again records 2012 (orig. 1976), US. *
PETER IVERS window washer (w/ van dyke parks) becoming peter ivers rvng intl. 2019 (orig. 70s), US. *
TOM NEHLS the underwater symphony dream i always catch the third second of a yellow light self-released 1973, Minneapolis, MN.
GARY SCHNEIDER cast your fate to the wind & the breeze & i enjoy the experience: homemade records 1958-1992 sinecure books, now-again records 2012 (orig. 1978), US. *
KANSAS CITY EXPRESS this is the place this is the place american artists 1975, Springfield, MO.
THE NEW YEAR my bleeding wound personal space (electronic soul 1974 - 1984) chocolate industries 2012 (orig. 1974), Cleveland, OH.
EAST OF UNDERGROUND smiling faces soap / east of underground the united states special services agency, europe 1971, US armed forces base, Frankfurt, Germany.
FOREST TERRY branch-in-out branch-in-out / satellite-love lost in the forest records 1980, Boston, MA.
SYMPHONIC FOUR who do you think you're fooling (part i) who do you think you're fooling zudan 1968, St. Louis, MO.
VINNY ROMA ah, music enjoy the experience: homemade records 1958-1992 sinecure books, now-again records 2012 (orig. 1968), US. *
THE STARK REALITY all you need to make music discovers hoagy carmichael's music shop ajp 1970, Boston, MA.
NEGATIVLAND secret win true false seeland 2019, San Francisco, CA.

[break] NEGATIVLAND, "cadillac" (2019, San Francisco)
MAUVE SIDESHOW golden sand dark flowers refraction sound 1990, Texas.
SPK palms crossed in sorrow vhutemas archetypi side effects 1986, Australia.
IHAM / ECHO eagle the bedroom tapes (a compilation of minimal wave from around the world 1980-1991) minimal wave 2018 (orig. 1984), UK.
NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE something on your mind shoot and crucify dachau tapes, cold spring 1988, UK.
PHANTOM FORTH dead dream the eepp dark entries 1984/2016, New Zealand.
DARK ARTS chemia reflections in a rear view mirror stroom 〰 2020 (orig. 1991), Columbus, OH.
RUTS DC militant present rhythm collision vol. 1 bohemian 1982, UK.
Интурист ~ INTURIST Никто Не Хочет Быть Мной ~ nobody wants to be me Экономика ~ ekonomika Ниша 2019, Russia. *
[SIC] free radio stations thought noises dark entries 2012 (orig. 1981), Charleroi, Belgium.
FLAT STATIC princess flat static ruff records 2015 (rec. 1985), Australia.
TRIXIE'S BIG RED MOTORBIKE when he's by my side the intimate sound of trixie's big red motorbike accident records 1995 (rec. 80s), UK.
SINDY ARTHUR waiting for a raincoat / where's the coat? what about bi-joopiter 1987, UK. Thank you, Anonymous Listener.
צ'רלי מגירה ~ CHARLIE MEGIRA מחר כבר עבר ~ tomorrow's gone דה אבטומטיק מיסטרזינגר ממבו שיק ~ the abtomatic miesterzinger mambo chic the charlie megira recording company 2001, Israel.

[break] שימשון מיאל ~ SHIMSHON MIEL, "piece of art" (1977, Israel)
[end credits] TV VICTOR zero gravity back to the moon lullabies for insomniacs 2019 (rec. 90s), Germany.