Flat Circle Radio Hour

with Pup

Sunday, February 23, 2020
09:00 to 11:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Crass The Gasman Cometh Stations of the Crass Crass
Priscilla Ermel Americua Origens Da Luz Music From Memory
Commander Spoon Djingelinge Spooning W.E.R.F. Records
Geo Metro Patter Theosis NOREMIXES
Ways + Simon Toldam Fame Fortunes Self Release
Ghedalia Tazartes Mourir Un Peu Diasporas Cobalt
Nurse With Wound Rock N Roll Station Rock N Roll Station United Dairies
Ruth Anderson Pregnant Dream Here Arc Light Editions
Robbie Basho Pavan Hindustan The Falconer's Arm I Takoma
Friemd Hypnosis for Beginners Friemd Vague Audio Tapes
Vashti Bunyan Hidden Lookaftering FatCat
The Great Divides Face the World Face the World, Again Spoilsport
Sunforger G.O.A.T. Mono No Aware Citrus City
Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma Tu ne Peux Pas Savoir Head Voices Versatile
Kparr Dire Bissan Ke Balafon Music from Lobi Country Mirror World Music
Lee Hazlewood Sand Hill Anna and The Russian Mouse A House Safe for Tigers Light in the Attic *
Flanafi Necessary Beams Flanafi Boiled *
No Trend Blow Dry Too Many Humans No Trend
James Blood Ulmer Time Out Are You Glad To Be In America? Rough Trade
Organisation Milk Rock Tone Float RCA Victor
Nate Morgan Retribution, Reparation Retribution, Reparation Nimbus West
Yamaan Petrified Shallows Fantasy Area EP Dotei
Reymour Un Chien de Brigands Sarabande a Deux CAF
German Army Animals Remember Human Animals Remember Human Crash Symbols