the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Thursday, February 20, 2020
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
lalo schifrin dirty harry main title dirty harry soundtrack aleph 1972 C
redd kross deuce/citadel teen babes from monsanto merge oe 2018/2019
redd kross fighting beyond the door merge 2019
red fang doen whales and leeches relapse 2013
the residents icky flix icky flix soundatrck cryptic 2002
religious knives bind them remains no fun 2007
guided by voices man called aerodynamics under the bushes under the stars matador 1996
t. rex telegram sam solid gold emi oe 1972 C
the melvins going blind s/t 1993 R
guided by voices rhine jive click/cut-out witch under the bushes under the stars matador 1996
ginger baker interlock/dust to dust horses and trees celluloid 1986
after dinner after dinner/kitchen life/the room of hair mobiles souvenir cassette rer megacorp 2019 *
balaclavas roman holiday roman holiday dull knife 2010
the gun club goodbye johnny fire of love ruby 1981
the gun club the house on highland avenue death party warner brothers 1983
p.j. harvey hair sheela na-gig e.p. too pure 1992
the gonks i'm a lonely night driver five things you didn't know about the gonks rocks i your heads 2020 *
friendship dusky dreamin orindal 2020 *
woody guthrie howdido/pretty boy floyd 1940-1946: original recordings 1977
hated nonymous descriptions of uncontrollable urges every song vermiform oe 1989/2009
charlotte ganisbourg voyage irm because music 2009
tropa macaca sesacao do principio sesacao do principio siltbreeze 2009
the avengers paint it black s/t 1983
freddie fender wasted days and wasted nights radio's million performance songs cbs oe 1960/1984 C
bobby goldsboro with pen in hand radio's million performance songs cbs oe 1972/1984
tom t. hall old dogs, children and watermelon wine best of tom t. hall k-tel 1977 R C
circuit driver old time feeling enjoy the experience: hoemade records 1958-1992 sinecure oe 2012 C
trenchmouth moving with momentum the boradcasting system lp skene! 1996
the escapades i tell no lies pebbles, vol. 5 bfd 1979 C
danny & the escorts you need love pebbles, vol. 5 bfd 1979
manfred mann joybringer live on top of the pops 1977 1977 R
the blitzoids fire on the mountain potatoes: a collection of folk songs from ralph records ralph 1987 C