with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
SWANS leaving meaning. leaving meaning. young god records 2019, New York. *
CARE OF THE COW the slope of her nose / downstream i still don't know your style fame & fortune records 1981, Chicago.
MUSÉE MÉCANIQUE laughing sal the zelinsky collection - volume 2 self-released 2001, San Francisco.
AFTER DINNER "thank yooou..." souvenir cassette rer megacorp 2019, Japan. *
WHA-HA-HA my happiness (is not yours) 死ぬ時は別 better days 1981, Japan.
THE WORK brickyard slow crimes woof records 1982, UK.
TAKE IT how it is (version) man-made world fresh hold releases 1979, UK.
THE S' HATERS industry & nature stories as cold as the irish sea outer himalayan records 1982, UK.
JON ROSE a talking machine violin music in the age of shopping intakt records 1995, Australia.

[BREAK] AKE HODELL, "Orpheic Revelations" (2000, Sweden)
BILL NELSON'S ORCHESTRA ARCANA welcome home, mr. kane optimism cocteau records 1988, UK.
JOHN FOXX plaza metamatic virgin, metal beat 1980, UK.
ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI colour industry light and heavy industry coloursound library 1982, Italy.
RON GEESIN electric barbed wire electrosound kpm music 1972, UK.
A.I.Z introduction mix up chaos primaire rotorelief 2016, France.
INTERSYSTEMS i've got this town, this town has got me number one allied record corporation 1967, Canada.
ASMUS TIETCHENS viertes nachtstück nachtstücke (expressions et perspectives sonores intemporelles) egg 1980, Germany.
MOLTO STUHL höflichkeit es kitzelt (special mix) geebeedee 1982, Germany.
NJURMÄNNEN popstar in a german town reality adventures reazone to release records 1990, Sweden.
ARNO STEFFEN schlager schlager suezan studio 1983/2018, Germany.
THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER metall allein warning records 1980, Germany.
GAMELAN SON OF LION machine shop gamelan in the new world folkways records 1979, New York.
POWERMAN love whisperings lost tribe battery sound 1983, New York.
GUITAR RED space and time hard times mod-art 1976, Chicago.

[break] TAKASHI KOKUBO, "Before You Dream" (1985, Japan)
添田百枝 ~ MOMOE SOEDA アロエ その不思議なサウンド ~ aloe extract sound (excerpt) アロエ その不思議なサウンド ~ aloe extract sound della 1995, Japan.
小杉武久 ~ TAKEHISA KOSUGI mano-dharma '74 (excerpt) catch-wave cbs/sony 1975, Japan.
ALAN SORRENTI aria aria harvest 1972, Italy.
MUSÉE MÉCANIQUE romance the zelinsky collection - volume 2 self-released 2001, San Francisco.
BRUNO SPOERRI baustellenmusik rare & unreleased 1971-1998 wrwtfwwr 2018, Switzerland.
[end credits] A.C. MARIAS time was one of our girls (has gone missing) mute 1989, UK.