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Wednesday, February 12, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments Comp
olimpia splendid cebe olimpia splendid

your dj speaks over PLANTASIA by MORT GARSON
lingua nada le magnus snuff
lingua nada snuff snuff
beak life goes on life goes on ep
black midi bmbmbm schlagenheim
squid the dial speedy underground
squid rodeo town centre

your dj speaks over PLANTASIA by MORT GARSON
aoife nessa frances geranium geranium
big debbie knives for all the boyles and pearls electric water
the controversial new skinny pill slinking thusly traffic & weather
alan vega love on deuce avenue
macula dog backdrop person (waiting for a call) why do you look like your dog?
monolithe noir, rozi plain blinded folded blinded folded
the galaxy electric nightmares everything is light and sound
cate le bon here it comes again reward
drinks spilt the beans hermits on holiday
duds keine of a nature or degree

your dj speaks over PLANTASIA by MORT GARSON
deli girls little man, little camera evidence
kill alters sensory spool's out, vol. 1 C
michul kuun any away hold me no break me fall
american monoxide radar billboard pencil shavings in flight mode

your dj speaks over PLANTASIA by MORT GARSON
the microphones the glow pt. 4 song islands
russian tsarlag gagged in boonesville gagged in boonesville
suicide love you half alive
vanishing twin eggs choose your own adventure
vanishing twin truth is boring choose your own adventure
broadcast dead in the long year the noise made by people

your dj speaks over PLANTASIA by MORT GARSON
glo platonic love (take me to the beach) shade
lcg butterflies sprung
manta that is the truth grown zone/groan zone C
hairy palms this song is a mess but so am i grown zone/groan zone C
great dad churchy great dad
issy wood procrustean the blame, pt. 2
liam the younger dramatic reenactment music for a while