with deirdre dionysiac

"Il faut garder sa ceinture bouclée tont au long décollage ."

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL & THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRA take 4 lucifer rising the ajna offensive 1980/2016, Santa Barbara, CA.
WALTER CARLOS title music from a clockwork orange a clockwork orange / music from the soundtrack warner bros. 1972, Pawtucket, RI.
BERNARD GAGNON improvisation musique électronique tenzier 2012, Canada.
KATSUO ITABASHI, MOTOHARU YOSHIZAWA untitled 愛欲人民十時劇場 ~ erotic people's shishi theater pinakotheca 1980, Japan.
CHAM-PANG bella v tant pis 81-82 tenzier 2017, Canada.
CHEN YI chensession #20.5.1979 "the" 1978 - 1983 90% wasser 2006, UK.
HUMAN BACKS pulse music e.m.c. electronic music club subterranean tapes 1983, Australia.
SOLID EYE garco fruits of automation win records 1999, Los Angeles.
AKIRA S. & AS GAROTAS QUE ERRARAM o futebol akira s. & as garotas que erraram baratos afins 1987, Brazil.
MARIE KAWAZU moumoko no otoko (blind man) q.e.d. n.l. centrum 1988, Netherlands.
RAVIV GAZIT gavrush ze hed-arzi 1988, Israel.
ARIK RUDICH code of silence mantra self-released 1987, Israel.

[break] "milky way wishes" (2015, from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)
ALBERT ALAN OWEN trouble in technotown technotown amphonic music ltd 1985, UK.
ALBERT ALAN OWEN delivery date office hours amphonic music ltd 1987, UK.
MEO cikuana cikuana / alturas dualismo sound 1987/2019, Italy.
AL-GROMER KHAN the other khan zubân major music munich 1981, Germany.
POWERMAN p-jam when there was time battery sound 1986, Mark Friedman w/ Arthur Russell.
WILD HAVANA the peacock wild havana mental experience 1977/2018, Netherlands.
MASEMZA ALL STARS ma jahmane saka more no. 2 cool spot productions cc 1996, South Africa.
LORA LOGIC martian man pedigree charm rough trade 1982, UK.
REXY nervoso running out of time alien records 1981, UK.
DENIS DEFRANGE, MARK FRAZIER the manikin shuffle bowling balls from hell clone records 1980, Kent, OH.
PSYCHE unveiling the secret unveiling the secret new rose records 1986, Edmonton, CA.

[break] RUDIGER LORENZ, "dakar" (1981, Germany)
ERICKA IRGANON fumbling le rat d'hôtel ptôse production présente 1984, France.
RANDOMIZE movilidad incesante ¿como se divertirán los insectos? equilibrio 1986/2017, Spain.
THE HAPPINESS BOYS blonde with mouth open resident alien duotone records 1983, Miami, FL.
DE FABRIEK barbara schafttijdsamba de fabriek 1982, Netherlands.
THE POEMS untitled (b2) achieving unity polka records 1981, UK.
THE MOMES core of water spiralling mental experience 1989/2019, UK.

[break] SUE ANN HARKEY, "koto tuning #2" (1989, Seattle)
KOHSEI MORIMOTO ファンタスティック・カオス・パートI ~ fantastic chaos part-i カオス・ゾーン ~ chaos zone: three dimensional sounds created by roland sound space system cbs/sony 1990, Japan.
OTHER MUSIC blue prime numbers nth° 1980, San Francisco, CA.
BRUNO SPOERRI, BETHA SARASIN improvisation für lyricon 2 ax + by + cz + d = 0 dead-cert home entertainment 1983/2012, Switzerland.
SILVIO CESAR a festa som e palavras rca victor 1977, Brazil.
CINEMA sp5 4r (base) cinema self-released 1985, Brazil.
JORGE REYES corazón de venado ek-tunkul grabaciones lejos del paraiso 1983/1994, Mexico.
BENE FONTELES o m m benedito self-released 1983, Brazil.
MONO FONTANA gente que aun duerme ciruelo silent river runs deep 1988/2019, Argentina.
JAVIER SEGURA la máquina el sol desde oriente (selected & unreleased recordings 1980-1990) passat continu 2017, Spain.

[break] GORA SOU, "bay of seven moons" (2014, us)
[end credits] AKINA NAKAMORI 幻惑されて ~ dazed 不思議 ~ strange reprise records 1986, Japan.