don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, February 7, 2020
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
brian eno i'll come running demo 1975
gang of four paralysed solid gold 1981
gang of four love like anthrax damaged goods 7" 1978
gang of four return the gift entertainment! 1979; RIP andy gill
peel dream magazine pill agitprop alterna 2020 (out in april)
product placement stay inside mass hallucination 2020
bird nest roys alien s/t 1987
jeanines been in the dark things change 7" 2020
the times whatever happened to thamesbeat? this is london 1983
the eyes topological lies TAQN 1979
20/20 yellow pills s/t 1979
the avengers the american in me avengers 1979
yachts yachting types 7" 1978
the donkeys what i want 7" 1979
twinkeyz tonight again alpha jerk 1979
the flys love and a molotov cocktail 7" 1978
floo flash n'importe quoi mon epoque 1983
y trwynau coch wastod ar y tu fas 7" 1978; happy welsh language music day
super furry animals torra fy ngwallt yn hir radiator 1997
y cyrff euog llawenydd heb ddwied 1991
fflaps dilyn dylan amhersain 1988
ail symudiad modur sanctaidd twristiad yn y dre 1981
anhrefn duw y dyn eira dragons revenge 1990
straitjacket fits sparkle that shines life in one chord 1987
the orange no reason to hide fruit salad lives 1986
straitjacket fits down in splendour melt 1991; RIP andrew brough
david kilgour and the heavy eights spotlight bobbie's a girl 2020 *
maxine funke boy on the bow silk 2018
sarah louise, sally anne morgan & kryssi b squash vine natch 11: earth cult 2020