The Litterbox

with Kat

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album
Glare Into me Into you
Slow Pulp High Big Day
Ruby Haunt Sucker Blue Hour
Blue Smiley spin Return
Melaina Kol Nervs Bird Kill Worm
Apple Cider Vinegar Drive Me Home Please s/t
Swirlies Sounds of Sebring they spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons
Juiceboxxx Love Anthem DEEEPPPCCUUTTTTTT
Auburn Lull Stockard Drive Alone I Admire
Bruce Bath North Pine s/t
sprawwl Let Me Down s/t
Saralee Cieling demo
Crooner A Warm Day In June international summers *comp
Knifeplay Tears Pearlty
Catriona Sturton North Window A Tribute to the Inbreds *comp
Bulldog Eyes Gross Asleep
SUN ORGAN Holding Hands People in the Distance in the Dark
waveform* makeup library
Swirlies San Cristobal de las casas TSPTWYDITGWOFT
Loveliescrushing Valerien (her voice honeyed) xuvetyn
Swirlies Two Girls Kissing ???? TSPTWYDITGWOFT
All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Your Imagination Turning into Small
The Young Sinclairs Come On Now (Give You All My Love) Out of the box
YACHT Blue on Blue Train Tripping
Yeule Blue Butterfly Serotonin II
Sianspheric Tous les sois The Sound of the Colour of the Sun
I tried to run away when I was 6 but got too scared Why Would You s/t
Mumbly Demain Being earnest