with deirdre dionysiac

"Il faut garder sa ceinture bouclée tont au long décollage ."

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
20:00 to 22:00
d'vion . d
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
PHILIP SANDERSON this is not a game on one of these bends séance centre 2018, UK.
THE BLACK VIAL someone's dying: 19.4 (to you) frozen morning hidden records 1995, Germany.
SANTA MARIA, GASOLINA EM TEU VENTRE! optical sunday without william burroughs santa maria, gasolina em teu ventre! self-released 1991, Portugal.
JOHN CAGE, DAVID TUDOR (excerpt) indeterminacy: new aspect of form in instrumental and electronic music folkways records 1959, New York.
ÅKE PARMERUD grains of voices (excerpt) grains of voices caprice records 1997, Sweden.
DAVID LYNCH with JACK CRUZ true love's flame the flame of love sacred bones 2020, US.
ALEC MANSION laid bête et méchant alec mansion wea 1983, Belgium.
OPERATING THEATRE syllable miss mauger allchival 1983/2019, Ireland.

[break] WOLF VOSTELL, "dé-coll/age musik" (1982, Germany)
GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI winds over neo-tokyo symphonic suite akira invitation 1988, Japan.
ALDO TAMBORRELLI gioia entertainment show cam 1984, Italy.
ALDO TAMBORRELLI ~ MASSIMO RUOCCO big machine motion pictures cam 1988, Italy.
ALDO TAMBORRELLI ~ MASSIMO RUOCCO galaxy (fantascienza) construction cam 1988, Italy.
A. VUOLO - E. GRANDE transvesuvian desert strut 1979/2013, Italy.
AHMED MALEK & FLAKO tape 9 (part 2) التسجيلات الإلكترونية ~ the electronic tapes habibi funk records 2017, Algeria.
AL MASSRIEEN اسف جدا ~ asef gedan موسيقى حديثة ~ modern music habibi funk records 2017 (rec 70's), Egypt.
ART & TECHNIQUE just clima-x hi-tec records 1981, France.
JAVIER SEGURA el aborigen parte i el sol desde oriente (selected & unreleased recordings 1980-1990) passat continu 2017 (rec. 1989), Spain.
ANADOL bir garip kan İçme töreni uzun havalar kinship 2018, Turkey.
ALAN SONDHEIM, ALL 7-70 rock t'other little tune esp disk 1968, Providence, RI.
PICTURES dancing mind to mind pictures editions eg 1983, UK.

[break] GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI, "tetsuo" (1989, japan)
WENDELL HARRISON ginseng love organic dream wenha 1981, Detroit, MI.
SUN RA ARKESTRA nuclear war (live) nuclear war el saturn records 1983, Philadelphia, PA.
PEDRO BELL punk'nhead chic-a-go-go: the soundtrack! beluga records 2000, Chicago.
SLAM MODE celestial uhuru - the alpha experience cutting edge, spiritual life music 2001, New York.
POPSHOP last night g. rich - i am between poetenpop 1997, Switzerland.
MACBETH crusade lest we forget demo 1994, Estonia.
SOUND ON SOUND macho macho / depression colour sound 1984, Belgium.
AMOS AND SARA the tame one (excerpt) amos and sara sing the private world of amos it's war boys 1981, UK. I do.
+ SUSO SAIZ tierra media el la piel del cruce grabaciones accidentales 1986, Spain.
+ deirdre dionysiac i can sing a rainbow "from the heart" "i do" 2019, Bloomberg Hall.
+ peggy lee i can sing a rainbow english singsing . ????
+ the dells i can sing a rainbow i can sing a rainbow cadet 1969, Harvey, IL.
JUDY SINGH raggedy anne and raggedy andy a time for love cbc radio canada 1970, Canada.

[break] HIROSHI & CLAUDIA, "this early broadminded's emptiness" (1979, Australia)
AKIKO TSUGE hello mickey! hello mickey! blow up 1975, Japan. A paean to post-nasal drip.
EARTHLING urbanitrops slow down the world self-released 1981, Japan.
DEFORMER oyayubi デフォルメ joy records 1983, Japan.
SYNCHROID ri・ku・i・do amateur square iv ambience records 1987, Japan.
HONMA EXPRESS ワット・ザ・マジック ~ what the magic ワット・ザ・マジック ~ what the magic trash 1980, Japan.
NURSE player kissed in the dark lift 1983, France.
井上鑑 ~ AKIRA INOUE ア・キ・エス・パスポート ~ a gui est-ce passeport? カルサヴィーナ ~ karsavina 冬樹社 ~ fuyuki-sha 1984, Japan.
ZENIT waitin' straight ahead p-vine records 1986/2019, Austria.
THE RAINING HEART raining heart raining heart fog records 1986, Germany.

[break] BE-2, "shadow of flowing cloud," (2019, Japan)
[end credits] MIO FOU 星の断片を集めてしまえよ ~ collect the star fragments mio fou iii metrotron records 2012, Japan.