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Monday, January 27, 2020
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request Comp
kraftwerk endless europe trans europe express 1982
Yellow Magic Orchestra Acrobat s/t 1979
Guernica Cafe de Psyco Kaizo Heno Yakudo 1982
haruomi hosono Sportsman Philharmony 1982
Paul McCartney Secret Friend [Full length version] Mcartney II 1980
Water from your eyes Saw them lie all a dance 2018
Akiko Yano Rose Garden Tokyo Mobile Music 1 1982 C
*** **** ****
Guernica Yume No Sangaku-Chitai Kaizo Heno Yakudo 1982
Akiko YAno Ashkenazy who? Tadaima 1981
Jun Togawa Tamahime Sama 玉姫様 1984
Nina Hagen Flying Saucers Fearless 1983
Manu Dibango Cava Chouia Ambassador 1981
Hailu Mergia Sewnetuwa Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye Awesome Tapes from Africa 2013
sun ra and his arkestra Love in outer space to those of earth... and other worlds... 2015
Connie Converse John Brady/ Jonny's brother How Sad, How Lovely 2009
Molly Drake love isnt a right The tide's magnificence 2013
Connie Converse Roving Woman How Sad, How Lovely 2009
Molly Drake What can a song do to you? The tide's magnificence 2013
*** **** ****
Lives of angels Popular Violence hole in the sky Dark Entries 2017
Kridget Hoghus Schlager C
The Sugarcubes Regina here today, tomorrow, next week 1989
Nina Hagen Tiatschi - tarot Nunsexmonkkrock 1983/ 78?
Yellow Magic Orchestra Cosmic surfin' s/t 1978
Kamasi Washington Final Thought The epic 2015 R
Stone Roses Guernica s/t 20th aniversary 1989/2009 R
**** *** ****
Screaming for emily Intent Malice 1989
Move Move out of sight move out of sight 1986
kitchens of distinction drive that fast drive that fast 12" 1991 R
Section 25 Loose Talk (costs lives) Always Now 1981
phantom forth see you/ fragments The E.E.P.P. dark entries 1984/ 2016
Jun Togawa Konchugun 玉姫様 1984
Ippu-Do German Road live 80s
*** *** ****
Book of love Boy pop lovebubble 1992
Caroline Loeb La nuit nous appatient - extended mix Piranna 2011
Low Red center tropicalize s/t 2008
The Plastics back to wigtown Origato Plastico 1980
Angie Scheue Treue 7" 1983
The Plastics Robot Origato Plastico 1980
Plastix Konsumier Mich s/t 1981
P-model Kameri pop a model room 1979
Zom ZOms THe zommy and the zog lumboba's tube 2003
Pink Section Jane Blank s/t 1980
Inflatable boy clams Marin s/t 1981
Low red Center Panic Roll s/t 2008
P-model Sunshine city a model room 1979
Cardiacs RES the seaside 1984
Six Finger satallite .. (2.) The pigeon is the most poplar bird 1993
Painkilelr THe ladder Buried secrets 1992
Nurse w/ wound Ernest needs a kidney (live studio jam) Second pirate session 1998
John Zorn (naked city) Various tracks torture garden 1990
painkiller One eyed pessary buried secrets 1992
MAssacre over meltdown 2001
Massacre lost cause killing time 1981
King Crimson Fracture (demo 1974) . xxxx . 1974
SHimmer Crystal listerine s/t 2017
King Crimson Satouri in tangeir beat 1982
John Zorn Sacrafist Music Roman volume two: taboo and exile 1999
Pink Floyd Pigs on the wing/dogs Animals 1977