Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, January 24, 2020
23:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Lisa Bella Donna Green Rivers to Blackwater Canyon Destinations Self Release 23:03:09
Alphaxone, ProtoU & Onasander Thoughts of Ancient Gods Shadows of Forgotten Legens Cryo Chamber 23:16:03
Rapoon Sphinx Wings Drone Island - The Lost Maps Eighth Tower Records 23:27:23
ProtoU Chamber of Visions Anomalies Cryo Chamber 23:33:16
Steve Roach Soul Archeology Trance Archeology Projekt Records 23:42:12
worriedaboutsatan Mirrors Crystalline Sound in Silence 23:53:58
SUSS Sundowner High Line Northern Spy 23:57:52 *
Kid's Techno Destroyer, Creator, Equilibrium The Harmony of Spheres + Ellipsoids Cherub Records 00:02:11 *
Square Peg Round Hole Rain in Red Branches National Sawdust Tracks 00:04:22 *
Nephew Lagoon Dreamstream IsPlorica Self Release 00:08:04 *
Na-Koja-Abad The Dream of Water Organkia Obscura JungleJar 00:12:31
Modular Moose Lunar Eclipse Scintillations of the Inner Light Self Release 00:21:10
Alphaxone Frozen Light Dystopian Gate Cryo Chamber 00:34:18
Beyond the Ghost Smoke and Mirrors You Disappeared Cryo Chamber 00:39:05
Remote Vision Starhenge The Outer Plateau Exosphere 00:46:03
Neuland The Lost Cord Neuland Neuland 01:00:46
Henry Cowell The Banshee An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Sixth A-Chronology 1957-2010 Sub Rosa 01:06:45
Sverre Knut Johansen Cenozoic Era (Climate Changes; Homo Habilis And Evolution) Precambrian Spotted Peccary 01:09:06
Hand Into the Void Unexplained Sounds Group - 5th Annual Report Unexplained Sounds Group 01:26:51
Robert Scott Thompson Kuiper's Ultima Thule Pluviophilia Aucourant Records 01:23:39
Jonn Serrie Within Dreams Azurae Valley Entertainment 01:31:19
Wendy Carlos Europa Digital Moonscapes CBS Masterworks 01:37:56
Earthstar French Sky Lines Suite French Skyline Sky Records 01:42:14
Klaus Schulze Weird Caravan Dig It Brain 02:00:51
Steven Hauschildt Dissolvi Dissolvi Ghostly International 02:05:56
The Hausfrauen of Death Fegefeuer Der Eitelkeiten Part 3 Fegefeuer Der Eitelkeiten Self Release 02:12:18 (Purgatory Of Vanities)
David Vorhaus Movement, Part 1 White Noise 2 Virgin Records 02:37:46
Chuck van Zyl Celestial Mechanics Celestial Mechanics Centaur Discs 02:49:15