Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the capitol years tale of the city mp3 performing this weekend.
relay ode to guesswork pre s/r gerard makes great bloody marys. *
golden ball siren the luxury of pause honeymoon music *
the persons untitled #2 lainmeyers are persons black bean & placenta
mod fun happy feeling 7" stereophoni sound from 1984
steve brosky hey now (do the dutch) absolutely allentown positively 19th street * C
bardo pond this time (so effed) set and setting Matador performing 9/8 @ world cafe!
american altitude mountain & missile s/t s/r
american watercolor movement pour les auditeurs and the maps came down s/r *
cynthia g mason surprise, az believer mag 2005 comp believer * C
solomon burke cry to me rock'n'soul atlantic performing 9/17 @ kimmel center with MFSB
the delfonics ready or not here i come the sound of philadelphia vol 2 Soul Jazz C
the toms i wanna be a teen again yellow pills numero group C
sympathizers our meterologist tom verlaine dread at the control s/r *
the spinto band oh mandy nice and nicely done Bar/None
b c camplight oranges in winter hide, run away one little indian *
paul edelman & the jangling sparrows thumb me down north american & susquehanna s/r *
bad news bats mother brain get outta philly tick tick tick C
regressive aid no values 7" malleable music
US funk team jepoardy s/t s/r * R
o mighty isis sparkle scrapple WKDU C
beretta 76 10:1 s/t s/r
bells bells bells isley demo s/r
national eye ag1 roomful of lions national parking performing 9/10 @ khyber with clap yr hands blah blah
hail social get in the car s/t Polyvinyl *
aquila rose in the bed of a balladeer say speaker speak s/r *
rye coalition babys got a new flame the lipstick game gern blandsten R
detention beach noise rigor mortus from 1985. YEAH!
oddatee solo timeless level steely darkglasses gern blandsten featuring dalek!
the roots No Great Pretender illadelph halflife geffen giving tix away to their show next week!
winterbrief the past sure is tense mama kangaroos genus beefheart tribute * C
the nutley brass do you remember rock 'n' roll radio? plays the ramones songbook medicine
automat princeton train just imagine drive ravenna
one star hotel frustrated and free good morning west gordon stereo field currently on tour in the netherlands
the bigger lovers slice of life this affair never happened yep roc
the bongos telephoto lens drums along the hudson PVC
the photon band broken melody our own esp driven scene darla hi, i love this song.
walker lundee im your biggest fan mp3 s/r R
the feelies barstool blues unreleased neil young cover
nerve generator instigated afterthoughts legion of boom ispy C