Flat Circle Radio Hour

with Pup

Sunday, January 19, 2020
09:00 to 11:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Lotte Kaersa and Graesrodderne Prov og Gor Ligesom Jeg Jubiiilaeum Tartelet
Bunalim Ask Senin Bildigin Gibi Degil Bunalim Shadoks Music
Svitlana Nianio and Oleksandr Yurchenko Untitled 6 Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy Night School
Townes Van Zandt Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel Townes Van Zandt Poppy
Sprites Paradise Body Life Ring Artificial Beliefs Encoding Going Native
Nathaniel Braddock Ill Tempered Ladrang Guitar Ensembles: If I Were A Bell I Would Sing Union Pole Tapes
GALTFaculty Jak Pukes E B O W Human Pitch
Alabaster DePlume Whisky Story Time To Cy and Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 International Anthem
After Dinner A Walnut Souvenir Cassette Fish Prints/ReR Megacorp *
Wildfire Let It Happen Smokin' Primo
R. Chavira Spiral Visions of Wholeness Self Release
The Thompsons Invincible I'll Get Over It BCW/Brewerytown Beats
Tristan Arp Specie Suggested Forms Human Pitch
Somniac Your Turn To Cry Healthy Attitudes Summit Self Release
Black Dice The Eyeball Puerto Rican 7" Post Present Medium
Flanafi Hunting Flanafi Boiled *
K. Leimer Nothing Is Known Of His Childhood Chains of Being Abstrakce Records
Jaman In the Fall of the Year Sweet Heritage Mark Records
Ulla Straus I Think My Tears Have Become Good Tumbling Towards A Wall Experiences Ltd.
Markos Vamvakaris Those Who Are Rich The Sun Is Setting on the World Death Is Not the End
Midori Hirano Remembrance Invisible Island Sonic Pieces
UT Absent Farmer Conviction Out Records