don't sub the front

with dana k

Saturday, January 18, 2020
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
desperate bicycles skill 7" 1978
jay reatard an ugly death matador singles '08 2008
autoclave dr. seuss s/t 1992
fugazi burning too margin walker 1989
really red nico teaching you the fear 1981
the proletariat religion is the opium of the masses this is boston, not LA 1982
subhumans subvert city the day the country died 1982
zounds demystification 7" 1981
decadent few misogyny irrehus 1991
joyce mckinney experience green song joyce offspring 1988
rondos progress red attack 1980
the eyes taqn 7" 1979
feederz games ever feel like killing your boss? 1984
black randy and the metrosquad i tell lies everyday pass the dust, i think i'm bowie 1979
the agents holes tv sex star 1981
the girls the elephant man 7" 1979
fucked up tell me what you see dose your dreams 2018
rata negra problemas, no la hija del sepulturero 2019
bags babylonian gorgon survive 1978
subversive rite subversive rite songs for the end times 2019
blueprint temptation here to please 2019
discharge protest and survive hear nothing see nothing say nothing 1982
warthog levitated corpse s/t 2018
the damned anti-pope machine gun etiquette 1979
the adverts safety in numbers crossing the red sea (with the adverts) 1978
naked raygun rat patrol throb throb 1984
the dishrags love is shit (this is goodbye) past is past 1979
liliput die matrosen 7" 1980 R
fastbacks my letters the question is no 1992
screaming females ancient civilization singles too 2019/2013
shimmer into the mass and i revel 2019 *
the anemic boyfriends guys are not proud 7" 1980
vktms ballad of pincushion smith sf underground ep 1979
the dils blow up! rat music for rat people 1982
rikk agnew section 8 all by myself 1982
d.o.a the prisoner 7" 1978
dead kennedys i kill children fresh fruit for rotting vegetables 1980
the consumers teen love song all my friends are dead 1995 (rec late 70s)
hit parade here's what you find in any prison bad new 1982
sham 69 tell us the truth tell us the truth 1978
oxymoron black cats fuck the's our noize 1996 R
chelsea right to work jubilee 1978
cock sparrer take 'em all shock troops 1983 R
the newtown neurotics hypocrite 7" 1979