Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, January 17, 2020
23:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Test Card Monochrome Dreaming Softened the Broadcast Music for the Towers Sound in Silence 23:11:44
Lisa Bella Donna Beyond the Eleventh Dream Destinations Self Release 23:19:44
worriedaboutsatan Streetlights On Empty Roads Crystalline Sound in Silence 23:39:44
Kid's Techno Ellipsoids Revealed The Harmony of Spheres + Ellipsoids Cherub Records 23:44:08 *
SUSS Blue Dune III High Line Northern Spy Records 23:45:14 *
Square Peg Round Hole Smokescreen Branches National Sawdust Tracks 23:47:34 *
Steve Roach Unearthed Trance Archeology Projekt Records 23:57:53
Na-Koja-Abad Cloudspine Observatory Organkia Obscura JungleJar 00:04:37
Alphaxone Hollow Lands Dystopian Gate Cryo Chamber 00:11:25
Ladonna Man Ray Minor Key for a Major Girl Piano for Abandoned Places and Empty Spaces Self Release 00:15:02
Modular Moose Om/Shavasana Scintillations of the Inner Light Self Release 00:19:20
Corona Barathri featuring Chthonia Haegesblod: The Legacy of Kaziah Occult Realm Big Cypress Swamp 00:32:01 C
Beyond the Ghost False Idols You Disappeared Cryo Chamber 00:41:42
Kenneth Kirshner X October 11th, 2018 Self Release 00:48:01
Robert Scott Thompson Benign Now the Beautific Sea Cartographies of Time Aucourant Records 00:52:11
Chaka Benson Titanium's Charge Live on Star's End Self Release 01:04:22
Richard Dart Another Sea Song Greenish Self Release 01:09:08
Phatoms vs. Fire Arrival Unexplained Sounds Group - 5th Annual Report Unexplained Sounds Group 01:13:18 C
Nueland Dream 9 Neuland Self Release 01:19:02
Jack Hertz Primative Living Blackouts Aural Films 01:26:41
Tim Walters The Last Native Speaker The Difficult Third Wish Self Release 01:31:15
Reza Solatipour Arise The Gate Eighth Tower Records 01:44:16
Jim Ottaway Apocalyptic Signs Beautiful Desolation Self Release 01:50:00
A Cryo Chamber Collaboration Hastur 1 (Excerpt) Hastur Cryo Chamber 02:07:21