The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Really Big Pinecone Eggy Eyes S/T S/R 2016
Antbrain Moon Water Moon Water S/R 2019
Lightning Bug Garden Path Song Floaters S/R 2015
Common Holly You Dance Live on WPRB WPRB Studios 2020
Common Holly Joshua Snakes Live on WPRB WPRB Studios 2020
Common Holly I Try Live on WPRB WPRB Studios 2020
Common Holly Crazy Ok Live on WPRB WPRB Studios 2020 *
Really Big Pinecone Practice Run What I Said About the Pinecone S/R 2017
Helium Pat's Trick The Dirt of Luck Matador 1995
Joe Christmas Yellow Umbrella Upstairs Overlooking Capitol Christian Music Group 1993
Gulliver Gilded Lily Gilded Lily Don't Live Like Me Records 2019
Smog Red Apple Red Apple Falls Drag City 1997
Witch Bomb Lost Mouth Magic Star S/R 2018
Kelsey Cork and the Swigs Wastes of Breath single goodhowareyou 2019
Only Shallow Kenny Feinstein Loveless: Hurts to Love Fluffy and Gravy 2013
Creme Fraiche It's All Right With Me One More S/R 2008
Crayon Chutes and Ladders Brick Factory Harriet 1994
The Crust Brothers Marquee Mark You Ain't Goinig Nowhere Benefit show 1998
Creepoid American Smile Cemetery Highrise Slum Collect 2015
Crazy Alice My Hole Bender Sonic BubbleGum 1994
The Oranges Band My Steet On TV Lookout! 2002
Okay Paddy Your Bar's On Fire The Cactus Has a Point Legs Akimbo Music 2006
The Cricket Rumor Mill When Eyedrops Were Animals If Only Then Loosethread 2005
Versus Bright Light Forest Fire 7" Pop Narcotic 1992
Cold Soul Wastes of Breath Single S/R 2019
Gorgeous Shed Boys Egg Sad Cactus 2019
Water from Your Eyes Somebody Else's Song Somebody Else's Song Exploding in Sound 2019
Mister Goblin Calendar Dogs Is Path Warm? Exploding in Sound 2019
Bethlehem Steel Read the Room S/T Exploding in Sound 2019
Gentle Heat A Lure Phase EP S/T 2019
Poise Alone S/T S/R 2019
Lightning Bug Labyrinth Song Floater EP S/R 2015