with tommy

Sunday, January 12, 2020
22:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Jean Carn Was That All it Was Was That All it Was (single) Philadelphia International 1979
Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson Winter in America The First Minute of a New Day Arista 1974
Ornette Coleman What Reason Could I Give Science Fiction Columbia 1972
Bjorn Torske Bobla Trobbel Smalltown Supersound 2001
Lifetones Good Side For a Reason Light in the Attic 2016
Hercules and Love Affair Blind s/t DFA 2008
Pleasure Let's Dance Accept no Substitutes Fantasy 1976
Tindersticks Talk to Me s/t Rough Trade 1995
Andy Stott New Romance Too Many Voices Modern Love 2016
Richard Youngs I am the Weather Autumn Response JagJaguwar 2007
Richard Youngs Nil A.M. Festival Table of the Elements 1994
Anthony Braxton Untitled (side 4) The Montreaux/Berlin Concerts Arista 1976, Berlin
Sonny Sharrock Black Woman Black Woman 4 Men with Beads 2001
e.e. cummings when serpents bargain for the right to squirm e.e. cummings reads his poetry Caedmon 1950
Angel Bat Dawid We Are Starzz The Oracle Intergalactic Mantra 2019
Thomas Brinkmann NRT A Thousand Keys mego 2017
Autechre Goz Quarter Envane (pt. 1) IDM 1997
Ian Anull untitled Aktion Ultimate 2010
Kofi and the Lovetones Countdown Twelve Inches of Pleasure Proto 1984, comp.
Eric Roberts The Next in Line Twelve Inches of Pleasure Proto 1984, comp.
Bjork, 808state ooops ooops Tommy Boy 1991
Terry Riley Anthem of the Trinity Shri Camel CBS 1980
Louise Nevelson side b An Interiew with Arnold Glimcher for the Archives of American Art Archives of American Art 1973
Faust It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl Faust So Far Polydor 1972
Bukka White Good Gin Blues Parchman Farm AP Digital 1970
Townes Van Zandt Dirty old Town Absolutely Nothing NORMAL 2002
Albert Ayler Ghosts: First Variation Spiritual Unity ESP 1965
Alice Coltrane Gospel Trane A Monastic Trio impulse! 1968
e.e. cummings dying is fine)but Death e.e. cummings reads his poetry Caedmon 1950
Kraftwerk Computer Love Computer World Kling Klang 1981
Gustav Mahler, Utah Symph. Orch. Symphony #3, Menuetti Symphony 3 Vanguard 1896
Brian Eno Here He Comes Before and After Science EG 1977