Oneiric Ends to an Onerous Year

with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
ORCHESTRA ARCANA The Receiver and the Fountain Pen Optimism Cocteau Records 1988, UK. Bill Nelson project.
ORCHESTER FRANCO TAORMINA Miami Junction Orchester Franco Taormina Europhon Record ????, Germany.
ORCHESTRE DE DANIEL JANIN France : Mais non, mais non Escale-party sur Air France Concert Hall 1970, France.
OH-CASIO-ON Un nuevo tono ¿Es Esto Música? Grabaciones sin futuro ????, Spain.
OBERST GREGOR Froschwurst O/P Mélodies Souterraines 2018, Germany.
O YUKI CONJUGATE Tracey Scene in Mirage / Soundtracks Final Image 1985, UK.
OTIS G. JOHNSON Call on Jesus Everything - God Is Love 78 Numero Group, Holy Spirit 1978/2013, Westland, Michigan.
HEMATIC SUNSETS und OKKO BEKKER Leise rieselt der schnee Weihnachten im Aroma Club Meeuw Muzak 2004, Netherlands.

[BREAK] ORKESTRION, "1987" (1989, Russia).
OSIBISA The Dawn Osibisa MCA Records 1970, UK.
ONE TONGUE Coffee No Doubt YAYA 1990, Germany.
OSMAR MILITO Mulher Rendeira Viagem Continental 1974, Brazil.
OM BUSCHMAN Prima Kalimba Tropical Drums of Deutschland Music for Dreams 2017 (orig. 1988), Germany.
ORKESTRA ÓSMEGO DNIA ~ ORCHESTRA OF THE EIGHTH DAY Shadow Music for the End Flying Fish 1982, Poland.
... OH! Martinica Cristal / La Luna / Martinica Grabaciones Accidentales 1983, Spain.
ORQUESTA DE LAS NUBES Cadaver Exquisito El Orden del Azar Linterna Música 1985/2010, Spain.

[BREAK] ORA CLEMENTI, "Cover You Will Softer Me (extract)" (2014, Canada).
OPHÉLIE SONG Le réveile de Ophélie Opéra minimal Ange magnétic 1989, France.
OPERATING THEATRE Dragon Path / Rampwalk Miss Mauger Allchival 1983/2019, Ireland.
OBSERVERS OBSERVING OBSERVABLES ReModel Yourself EP Hardly Music 1980, Indiana.
OCCULT CHEMISTRY Air Occult Chemistry Dining Out, Z-I-P Records 1980, UK.
OH-OK Choukoutien Furthermore What DB Recs 1983, Winston Salem, NC.
OHAMA Part in Peace Midnite News Ohama Records 1982, Canada.
ORFEON GAGARIN Un Improbable Omnibus Halibut / Vaporub Tragic Figures 1990, Portugal.
OMD ABC Auto Industry Dazzle Ships Virgin, Telegraph 1983, UK.
OMAD POISID Meremehe Jutustus [Sailor's Tale] Omad Poisid Rukki Records 1979, Estonia.
O.R.D.U.C. Alien-Train D-Train Motok 1988, Netherlands.
GENERAL ELECTRIC The Answer General Electric presents "Got to Investigate Silicones" Original Cast ????, US. + Operating Theatre, "Rapid Eye Movements"
OLDRICH JANOTA, VOJTECH A IRENA HAVLOVI Dny zimy Cesty 15 Panton 1989, Czechoslovakia.
NYRABAKIGA Cor Corora Cor Corora Spaziale Recordings 1981/2020, Netherlands.

[BREAK] OBLIQUE, "Sculpture" (1985, Netherlands).
Оркестр Павла Овсянникова ~ ORCHESTRA OF PAVEL OVSYANNIKOV К Звездам ~ To the Stars К Звездам ~ To the Stars Мелодия ~ Melodija 1982, USSR.
"OM" ALEC KHAOLI Crosslines Say You Love Me Awesome Tapes from Africa 1985/2017, South Africa.
OS ABELHUDOS Contos de escola (Milles Kaiser edit) Onda de Amor (Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94) Soundway 2018, Brazil.
OJEDA PENN Brotherson Happiness IFE Records 1980, South Africa/USA.
OLEV MUSKA feat. INGRID SLAMER Riputan ma viis [Hanging Five] Old Estonian Waltzes Estoterix 1985, Australia/Estonia.
OLIVER CHAPLIN Freezing Cold Like an Iceberg Standing Stone OLIV Records 1974, Wales.
OLEG KUULAR, MIKHAIL ALPERIN, et al. Tuvan Industrial Deep in the Heart of Tuva (Cowboy Music from the Wild East) Ellipsis Arts 1996, Tuva.
OMOIDE HATOBA Out Rockers on Your Angel Hair 大阪・ラ ~ Osaka / La Dako Vynal Fantasia 2004, Japan.
LES OLIVENSTEINS Fier de ne rien faire Les Olivensteins Born Bad Records 2011, France.
ORANGE JUICE Falling and Laughing You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Polydor 1982, Scotland.

[BREAK] TEENAGE FILMSTARS, "The Odd Man Out" (1980, UK)
[end credits] ONE FOUNDATION Dance with us Lord You Are My Everything 1980, US