don't back the front

with dana k

Saturday, December 14, 2019
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
shriekback lined up 12" 1983
the associates message oblique speech fourth drawer down 1981
i'm so hollow i don't know hicks from the sticks 1980
pink industry don't let go low technology 1983
wire cactused mind hive 2019; new album coming next year
wire blessed state 154 1979
dali's car his box the waking hour 1984
the sound new dark age from the lions mouth 1980
mission of burma all world cowboy romance signals calls and marches 1981
autumnfair she only smiles glaciers and gods 1990
dead can dance the arcane s/t 1986
nocturnal projections in purgatory complete studio recordings 1982/2018
exposure video eyes 7" 1980
disco zombies drums over london drums over london 1979/2011
the prefects going through the motions amateur wankers 1980/2004
hybrid kids merry xmas (war is over) 7" 1980
bill nelson the burning question flaming desire 12" 1982
yello bostich 12" 1981
japan still life in mobile homes tin drum 1981
china crisis working with fire and steel working with fire and steel 1983
john foxx touch and go metamatic 1980
the associates skipping sulk 1982
peter ivers miraculous weekend becoming peter ivers 1985/2019 *
nina hagen cosma shiva nunsexmmonkrock 1982
the names night shift 7" 1981
section 25 looking from a hilltop from the hip 1984
the naughtiest girl was a monitor is all i need? 7" 1981
microdisney pink skinned man 7" 1983
scars leave me in the autumn author! author! 1981
modern english swans on glass 7" 1980
margox jimmy's grin sharon signs to cherry red 1984/2016
martha and the muffins this is the ice age this is the ice age 1981
be-bop deluxe electrical language drastic plastic 1978
heaven 17 let's all make a bomb penthouse and pavement 1981
karel fialka the eyes have it machines 1980
sad lovers and giants when i see you cle 1981