with Abbie from Mars


Tuesday, November 19, 2019
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Comp
System Liliputt Sandkorn Harpa Dark Entires
Nihiti drednotrising/black cars Other People's Memories Lo Bit Landscapes
Mouthus/Axolotl [side 1] 12-25-04 Olde English Spelling Bee
Andy Stott Selfish Too Many Voices Modern Love
Invisbl Skratch Piklz [side 1] Vs. Da Klamz Uv Death Asphodel
Robert Fripp/David Byrne Under Heavy Manners God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners Polydor
The Lounge Lizards Do the Wrong Thing The Lounge Lizards EG
Scars Horrorshow Mutant Pop 78/79 PVC C
Stump Living It Down A Fierce Pancake Chrysalis
Wazmo Nariz Deeply Things Aren't Right I.R.S.
Straightjacket Fits Dialing a Prayer Life in One Chord Flying Nun
Squirrel Bait Hammering So Hard Squirrel Bait Homestead
Liaisons Dangereuses Los Ninos Del Parque cp2 12" single Hit Thing
Georgia Abstract High Like Comment Meakusma
Ekome Kpan Logo Music and Rhythm PVC C
Georgia Abstract High (again, but at 45rpm) Like Comment Meakusma
Jane Bond & The Undercovermen The Spy Movie Radio Tokyo Tapes Ear Movie C
Love Child Sofa Okay? Homestead
Bill Nelson Stop/Go/Stop Red Noise EMI
Uranium Club Interview with the Cosmo Cleaners The Cosmo Cleaners Fashionable Idiots *
Jordan Perry Kemmering Witness Tree Feeding Tube *