Two States: Local Music From Both Sides of the Delaware River

with Maria T

Your new favorite band just happens to live around the corner from you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the capitol years tale of the city mp3 s/r
hail social no title S/T polyvinyl *
hi soft country demo mp3
miss tk and the revenge concentrate xoxo gern blandsten i really like this record!
this radiant boy we can pretend shakedown at the russian disco extracurricular
the roots !!!!!!! phrenology MCA performing at the KIMMEL CENTER on 9/16. next week im giving away ticket!!!
the roots sacrifice phrenology MCA
res they say vision how i do mca
rainy river my little time S/T s/r
greg weeks these hands blood is trouble ba da bing member of espers!
the wishniaks marianne faithfull s/t bloodmoney
patternismovement maple stowaway nfi WPRB premiere! *
octalapse infinite paths to dumbness insound tour support #7 insound dalek + the lapse = octalapse! math is fun.
us funk team all rolled into one s/t s/r * R
fiction romance trash s/t s/r *
lifetime (the gym is) neutral territory hello bastards jade tree jersey's best dancers... apparently!
clockcleaner bad man the hassler manic ride
fear new yorks alright if you like saxophones fear slash LEE VING. LEE VING.
yah mos def scott beiben owes me money live on WPRB 4.25.05 WPRB
aquila rose in the bed of a balladeer say speaker speak s/r formerly south congress, still AWESOME. *
future tips cold bliss crook book extracurricular
los halos lioness leaving va loveless
Kate Sikora leaving shore grace in rotation s/r *
creeping weeds long way down demo s/r
walker lundee im your biggest fan demo s/r performing 8/31 @ the khyber
the feelies slipping (into something) the good earth coyote
the feelies i wanna sleep in your arms unreleased modern lovers cover, never released in the states; giveaway in a chain of french record stores.
wayward wind ebony flow wait for green schwa-disk *
valsalva shelter legion of boom ispy C
b c camplight blood and peanut butter run, hide away one little indian *
king god morning sky is that blood on your sleeve? hot dog city *
crash course in science cakes in the home s/t go go inc
winterbrief its a dilly take the town intellectos
notekillers house at pooneil corner mpe s/r
need new body boba fett s/t cenotaph audio R
xex delta five group: xex smack shire
windsor for the derby empathy for people unknown giving up the ghost secretly canadian *
relay new domestic landscape pre s/r *
f.o.d. kid called me shatter your day buy our records
1929 the twin is dead last but not leased siltbreeze