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Monkey. Robot.

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Magma Zombies Udu Wudu Utopia 1976
Ohio Players Hell Fire Mercury 1974
Wire Strange Pink Flag
The Who Boris the Spider A Quick One Entwhistle's signature creepy-time lyrics! R
Scout Niblett Hot to Death Kidnapped by Neptune Too Pure 2005; 3rd studio album
The Gothic Archies It’s Useless to Struggle The New Despair EP 1997
Misterioso Misterioso The Complete Sounds of Katamari
The Cramps I Was a Teenage Werewolf Songs The Lord Taught Us I.R.S. Records 1980; Debut
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell On You I Put A Spell On You / Little Demon Okeh 1956; Written by the legend himself, Screamin' Jay
Larry Williams Heeby Jeebies Love Charms / Heeby Jeebies
Ralph Neilsen & The Chancellors Scream! Little Demon / Scream 7" Surf Records 1962
The Sonics Psycho The Witch / Psycho Etiquette Records 1965
Sparkle Moore Killer Killer / Tiger Fraternity Records 1957
The Cramps Zombie Dance Songs The Lord Taught Us I.R.S. Records 1980
Roky Erickson & The Aliens STAND for the Fire Demon The Evil One 415 Records 1981; STAND FOR THE DEMON OF FIRE!
Cody Chesnutt Boils Plague Songs 4AD 2006
The Cramps Human Fly Human Fly / Domino Vengeance Records 1978
Roky Erickson & The Aliens The Creature with the Atom Brain The Evil One
The Magics Zombie Walk Zombie Walk / Henry Lee Bell Records 1964
The Gothic Archies City of the Damned The New Despair EP Merge 1997
Stephin Merritt The Meaning of Lice Plague Songs 4AD 2006; 10 Plagues of Egypt
Buckethead Night of the Slunk Monsters & Robots CyberOctave 1999; 5th studio album
Shonen Knife Boogie Monster Heavy Songs Confidential Recordings 2002
Zombi Digitalis Surface to Air
John Carpenter Assault On Precinct 13 Main Title Assault On Precinct 13
The Residents Denial: Betty’s Body Demons Dance Alone
Tuxedomoon Pinheads On the Move Pinheads On The Move Cramboy 1987
John Carpenter The Shape Stalks Laurie Halloween
Laurie Anderson White Lily The Ugly One With the Jewels
Can She Brings the Rain Soul Desert / She Brings The Rain Liberty Records 1969
Meredith Monk Do You Be? Key Increase Records 1971
The Residents Six More Miles (To the Graveyard) Stars & Hank Forever Ralph Records 1986; Hank Williams cover, written in 1945.
Exuma Exuma Obeah Man Exuma Obeah Man Mercury 1970. Exuma, AKA: Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, was a Bahamian musician, artist, playwright and author best known for his almost unclassifiable music, a strong mixture of carnival, junkanoo, calypso, reggae, African music and folk music. His lyrics were deeply immersed in the West African and Jamaican tradition of Obeah, a system of spiritual and healing practices developed among enslaved West Africans in the West Indies, practiced by many on the islands of The Bahamas
Jan Davis Zombie! Zombie! / Pooky Holiday Records 1964
Man Or Astroman? King of the Monsters Experiment Zero
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Alligator Wine Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Fontana 1958
The Residents Boo Who? Fingerprince Ralph Records 1977
The Gothic Archies A Million Mushrooms The Tragic Treasury
Meredith Monk Change Key Increase Records
The Residents Phantom The Commercial Album Ralph Records 1980
Momus The Girl with No Body 20 Vodka Jellies Le Grand Magistery
Candace Hilligoss As If I Didn’t Exist Carnival of Souls 1962
The Gothic Archies Freakshow The Tragic Treasury
Bill Doggett Monster Party Monster Party / Scott's Bluff King Records 1959
Bobby Please and The Pleasers The Monster The Monster / The Switch Jamie Records 1959
Sparks Eaten By the Monster of Love Angst In My Pants Atlantic 1982
Pere Ubu Street Waves The Modern Dance Blank 1978
The Who Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Call Me Lightning / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 1968 R
Ruins Graviyaunosch Symphonica Tzadik
Magma Nono Attahk Tomato 1978
D.A.F. Der Mussolini Alles Ist Gut Virgin 1981; D.A.F. = "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft" (
Zombi Surface to Air Surface to Air Relapse 2006; 2nd studio album by space rock duo Zombi, named after the Dario Argento film of the same name.
Meredith Monk Vision 2 Key Increase Records 1971
John Carpenter Laurie’s Theme Halloween 1978
Art Bears Winter Wheel Winter Songs Recommended Records 1979; 2nd studio album
Art Bears The Skeleton Winter Songs Recommended Records
Thinking Plague Behold the Man In Extremis Cuneiform Records 1998
D.A.F. Der Ra Uber Und Der Prinz Alles Ist Gut Virgin 1981
HAL 9000 HAL 9000 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack *
Scott Walker Darkness Plague Songs 4AD
The Gothic Archies Your Long White Fingers The New Despair EP Merge
Candace Hilligoss I Don’t Know What’s Real Anyone Carnival of Souls 1962
Nina Simone A Monster Nina Simone Philips 1965
John Zacharle Coolest Little Monster Zacherle's Monster Gallery Crestview Records 1963; PHILLY-born "your own noose for home use" "a lipstick of arsenic" "one urn of sunburn"
Bo Diddley Bo Meets the Monster Bo Meets The Monster / Willie And Lillie Checker 1956
Roky Erickson & The Aliens Don’t Shake Me Lucifer The Evil One 415 Records 1981
Virgil Holmes Ghost Train Ghost Train / Walkin' Alone Atlantic 1961
XTC Scarecrow People Oranges and Lemons Virgin
Silver Shamrock Silver Shamrock Halloween III
Roky Erickson & The Aliens I Walked With a Zombie The Evil One R
James Chance I Danced With a Zombie Irresistible Impulse
Meredith Monk Skeleton Lines Impermanence
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Little Demon Screamin' Jay Hawkins Fontana 1958
Nasser He’s a Whale Mummy Phantom Speaker
The Gothic Arches In the Reptile Room Tragic Treasury
Gene Moore Let’s Have No More Nights Carnival of Souls 1962
The Gothic Arches The World Is a Very Scary Place Tragic Treasury
The Ran-Dells Martian Hop Martian Hop / Forgive Me Darling (I Have Lied) Chairman 1963; from Villas, New Jersey!
Arthur Brown Fire! The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Polydor 1968
Ruins Gravestone Hyderomastgroningem Tzadik
Scott Walker Cossacks Are The Drift 4AD
Goblin Zombi Zombi Cinevox 1978; Soundtrack to the Lucio Fulci film of the same name
Goblin Suspiria Main Theme Suspiria Cinevox 1977; Soundtrack to the Dario Argento film of the same name
Billie Holiday Ghost of Yesterday The Billie Holiday Story
Laurie Spiegel Modal Pieces I: A Cosmos Obsolete Systems 1983
D.A.F. Sato-Sato Alles Ist Gut 1981
Night of the Living Dead They're Coming to Get You, Barbara Night of the Living Dead
Gene Moore Second Trip to the Carnival Carnival of Souls
John Zorn Peur Sur La Ville The Big Gundown
The Frantics Werewolf Werewolf / No Werewolf Dolton 1960
John Zacharle Dinner With Drac Pt. 1 Dinner With Drac Cameo 1958
Bent Bolt & The Nuts Mechanical Man The Mechanical Man MGM 1966
The Tiger Lilies Roll Up Circus Songs
Warren Zevon Excitable Boy Excitable Boy
The Cramps Eyeball in My Martini Look Mom No Head!
Meteors My Daddy Is a Vampire Teenagers From Outer Space
Carla Bley At Midnight Music Mecanique