Hollowed in

with deirdre dionysiac

/\/\/\/ harvesting heroism /\/\/\/

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
. deirdre speaks . .
History of unHeard music and a door opened History of unHeard music staalplaat 1984, netHerlands.
Holy modal rounders werewolf tHe moray eels eat tHe Holy modal rounders elektra 1968, us.
HoedH aurora (pfad der imagination) Hymnvs atmospHere 1993, germany.
+ His name is alive livonia 1985-1989 stuff early works self-released 1990, us.
Harbinger time to clear your mind second coming self-released 1970, us.
Hala strana stoutHrief Hala strana emperor jones 2003, us.
Hans-joacHim roedelius mr. livingstone i suppose durcH die wüste sky records 1978, germany.

[break] Harold budd, brian eno & daniel lanois, "late october" (1984, us)
Henri pousseur & michel butor carillon brabançon paysage planétaires alga margHen 2004, italy.
Hybryds coda by josepH campbell music for rituals artware production 1992, germany.
Heerlens percussie ensemble biologic music biologic music Hpe 1986, netHerlands.
Hugo fattoruso caminando varios nombres orfeo 1986, uruguay.
Hans reicHel gier i bonobo fmp 1976, germany.
HirosHi yosHimura o face music sHu uemaru make up scHool 1994, japan.
Hildegard westerkamp & norbert ruebsaat (excerpt) voices for tHe wilderness (a sound document of tHe first stein festival 1985) inside tHe soundscape 1986, canada.
Hatfield and tHe nortH son of 'tHere's no place like Homerton' Hatfield and tHe nortH virgin 1974, uk.
Het rain let's Het woof records 1984, uk.
HedoromeruHen ハバナ出身 [from Habana] ヘドロメルヘン [HedoromeruHen] Hedorodata 2013, japan.

[break] Hero wouters, "een stil plekje / pavene" (1986, netHerlands)
los Hermanos franov olia cesar & alejandro melopea discos 2007, argentina.
Hideki matsutake & k.i. capsule tHe james bond tHeme 007 digital moon cbs/sony 1979, japan.
HirosHi satomi & icHibanosHi 長崎は今日も雨だった [it rained on nagasaki today] 一番星/新盛り場ブルース [icHibanosHi / sHinseiba blues] warner bros. 1971, japan.
Hatsue katoH あの頃 [anogoro] cascade philips 1979, japan.
Harumi oHzora ted tuxedo no tHeme Harumi no moonligHt serenade london records 1982, japan.
H.n.a.s. & mieses gegonge die gloria Hose abwassermusik psychout productions 1985, germany/sweden.
Hymn i am tHe absolute coming Home self-released 1983, france.
tHe (HypotHetical) propHets on tHe edge of tHe wHite zone around tHe world witH tHe propHets HypotHetical records 1982, france.
tHe Honeymoon killers route nationale 7 route nationale 7 riskant 1982, belgium.
Haruomi Hosono insects insists insecurity tHe endless talking monad records 1985, japan.
Hans grüsel's krankenkabinet tea for two Happy as pitcH crippled intellect productions 2005, us.

[break] Hans krüsi, "ex Hk" (????, switzerland)
Hood western skies silent '88 slumberland 1996, uk.
Hamilton yarns one Hand in tHe casket / m is for mekaneck searcH for the underwater town Hark! 2007, uk.
HeigHt/dismay motHer's footsteps motHer's footsteps m squared 1981, australia.
sir alick and the pHraser nursery cHymes in searcH of tHe perfect baby black noise 1980, uk.
Harald grosskopf minimal boogie oceanHeart sky records 1986, germany.
Happy refugees bury me last cHance saloon gymnasium records 1984, uk.
Happy rHodes tHe first to cry rHodes i self-released 1986, uk.
Human flesH meditation and fears (tHe fourtH day) penumbra ee tapes 2007, belgium.
. tHe jury speaks . .

[break] Haruko, "akogareno sundown" (1978, japan)
[end credits] Human backs over exposure (live at tHe mt. erica Hotel 18/9/82) Human backs subterranean tapes 1983, australia.