The Right to Remain Silent

with Dante

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
computer science Happy Summer Happy Summer S/R 2018
cymbals eat guitars Some Trees )Merritt Moon) why there are mountains Sinderlyn 2015
Sounds from Quito **** ***** ***** art
Drug Rug Lie, Lie, Lie Drug Rug black and greene records 2007
Godcaster Dirt Bike Bike Vs. The Cops (Vaccine Girl_ Godcaster Demo 1008068 Records DK 2018
Dark Mtns Haunted Message S/T S/R 2018
Bodywash Reverie Comforter Luminelle Recordings 2019
they are gutting a body of water texas instruments Destiny XL Bee Side Cassettes 2019
Benjamin Shaw Terrible Feelings! Exciting Opportunities Audio Antihero 2019
Closet Goth 17 Year Old Liar Friendship village 2019
Summer Hymns One More Teardrop A Celebratory Arm Gesture Misra Records 2001
Summer Hymns New Underdressment Voice Brother & Sister Misra Records 2000
No Sister Burning News Influence S/R 2019
Flash Redactor Good Sense Drecksound Goner Records 2019 *
So Totally Vision Live at WPRB WPRB 2019 *
Dumb Content Jungle Club Nites Mint Records 2019
Nice Apple Tell me About it This Time Nice Apple is Auto-Catechizing S/R 2019
Ellis Something Blue Single Fat Possum 2019
My Bloody Vacuum Cleaner Hehehehehehhe Abbie from mars