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with TB

Monday, October 21, 2019
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
52nd street Never give up on you/you're my last chance children of the night mca 1985
Change Paradise Miracles 1981
Kleer Get Tough Liscense to dream 1981
Toshiki Kadomatsu 52nd street sea is a lady 1987
Jackie Chan Movie Star Love me
yellow magic orchestra Taiso/ stairs tehcnodelic 1981

Biting Toungues Boss toyota trouble compressed(the factory recordings 1984-1987)) 2003
A Certain Ratio My spirit To Each... 1981
Cristina quicksand lovers sleep it off 1984
Prefab Sprout Wild Horses Jordan:the comback 1990
Patti Smith REdondo beach Horses 1975
Quando Quango Love Tempo Pigs & Battleships
They Might Be Giants birdhouse in your soul Flood 1990 R
Gary Numan M.E. Pleasure principle 1979
Ciccone youth hi! everybody!/me &jill/hendrix cosby the whitey album 1989
The Fibonaccis Second coming s/t 1982
A Certain Ratio back to the start To Each... 1981
**** *** ****
fetchin bones sammy galaxy 500 1987
firehose making the freeway if'n 1987
Romeo Void undercover kept benefactor 1981
soNIC youth The good and the bad s/t 1982
Section 25 Be BRave/Loose talk(Costs lives) Always now 1981
Crispy Ambulance chill the plateau phase 1982
Joy Division Decades Closer 1980
Lush Tiny Smiles SPooky 1992
**** **** *****
Blurt Rumiant Plinth/ bullets for you Let There Be Blurt Vol. 1: The Fish Needs a Bike
Fire engine get up and use me s/t 1981
the crucifucks you give me the creeps s/t 1984
fiends ramblin' rose we've come for your beer 1984
Uzeda higher than me 4" 1994
SHimmer to the left/into the mass and i revel 2019 *
Fields lay fallow storming one hundred years of high rises 1998
mentally ill not quite dead yet Gacy's Place star beat session 2019(orig 79) *
the 5 6 7 8's oriental rock s/t 1995
Ludus My Cherry is in Sherry The visit/seduction