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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
21:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
ages senegal momentos
asobi seksu strawberries citrus
michael yonkers lovely gold lovely gold
pill wonder release the fool my episode

your dj speaks over PORTOFINO by RAYMOND SCOTT
plum professional sweet expectation employee handbook
arthur saved in julie returns
arthur AB challenger
jerry paper surface, peeling fuzzy logic
brace radar unexpected matter lion heads

your dj speaks over PORTOFINO by RAYMOND SCOTT
mark pritchard, the space lady s.o.s. the four worlds
anika he needs me no one's there covering shelly duvall and robin williams from popeye (1980)
american monoxide powerstrip in flight mode
algebra suicide gist the secret like crazy
the knee-jerk reaction breakin' the night blame it on me new & from philly- nina ryser from palberta in live band
rubber band gun spiderverse the amazing spider-man no relation to actual spider man
rubber band gun backpacks the amazing spider-man still no relation to spider man

your dj speaks over PORTOFINO by RAYMOND SCOTT
zru vogue do the zru zruism 1980-84
lives of angels pavillion elevator to eden
makthaverskan leda iii
faith global earth report earth report
alex chilton hey! little child like flies on sherbert
kevin hewick & new order haystack tender bruises and scars
sparks sherlock holmes angst in my pants
t. rex carlisle smith & the old one zinc alloy and the hidden riders of tomorrow
bauhaus all we ever wanted was everything the sky's gone out

your dj speaks over PORTOFINO by RAYMOND SCOTT
sandro perri in another life in another life